Netizen’s “Independence Day” post Crediting Duterte for True Meaning of Independence Gives Goosebumps

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Veteran DDS blogger and prominent social media personality Krizette Laureta Chu made headlines anew on social media for her sentimental Independence Day post as she confessed that under Pres. Duterte, she learned to love the country even more, not just for its beauty, its foods and beaches but for its imperfections, its pain and challenges.

According to Krizette Chu, under the administration of Pres. Rody Duterte she realizedd taht the Filipinos are indeed freed from the shackles of our own self-imposed slavery to the oligarchs and other countries.

Pres. Duterte helped us in opening our eyes that we were truly free, our conquerors just changed faces, from colonizers to oligarchs to the run of the mill exploiters, and sadly some of whom are fellow Filipinos.

Under the leadership of Pres. Duterte, Krizette Chu and the rest of the Filipinos finally appreaciate the weight behind the word Independence, and Sovereignty, is asserting our rights. She also declared that under Pres. Duterte, we are in good hands and finally we are on the way to go over that hump that stops us as a country, from third world to first world. If Filipinos unite, nothing is impossible.

Read the Complete Post of Krizette Laureta Chu:


Under this man, I learned the true meaning of independence and sovereignty.

Under him, I learned to love the country more. Loved the country not just for its beauty and its food and its beaches, but for its scars and pain and challenges. The Philippines, warts and all.

Under him, I realized the Filipino is freed from the shackles of our own self-imposed slavery to the oligarchy and to other countries.

Under him, I discovered we were never truly free, our conquerors just changed, from colonizers to oligarchs to your run of the mill exploiters, some of whom are our fellow Filipinos. His critics who do not understand how he uses leverage and diplomacy will never understand how more than ever we are truly pursuing our own path.

Under him, our men and women fighting in Sulu and in other places feel more valued, feel more loyal to the flag.

Under Duterte, I finally and truly appreciate the weight behind the word “INDEPENDENCE.” Sovereignty, asserting our rights.

We have been a country, but we have never been a nation.

But under this man, and with the support of the majority, we are finally on our way. Bumps and roadblocks ahead, but one day, we will be a nation of a proud race.

And above all–above 911 or free wifi or better education or a better military or a drug-free country–this is Duterte’s greatest legacy to us–FIRING UP OUR NATIONALISM like a real hero.

Arnel Patawaran said it best, “What we need is not a good leader as much as a leader who will want us to be good.” And hasn’t he, in the last three years, made us want to be better Filipinos?

True leadership is making very hard decisions to one day make life easy for the people. Under him, I realize we are worth it.

Thanks to President Rodrigo Duterte, it is only under his time that I am able to say this with such fervor:


(Originally written in 2017)

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu FB Page

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