Icelander Apologize for Iceland-Sponsored UNHRC Resolution Against the Philippines

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A concerned national from Iceland who is now living in the Philippines and formerly served as Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola in the Philippines expressed his dismay against his country of origin.

The Icelander was identified as Bæring Olafsson criticized his own country after the controversial Iceland-sponsored United Nation Human Rights Council Resolution against his second home the Philippines.

According to Olafsson, Pres. Rody Duterte is right and Iceland is wrong as he strongly condemned the Iceland-sponosered resolution, sayint it was utterly wrong because the Duterte’s drug war is a domestic and law enforcement issue and his country should not intervene.

In the Philippines, Pres. Rody Duterte is now enjoying wide and popular support with an impressive 80% satisfaction ratings according to survey firm SWS on their latest report.

Due to the decision of Iceland to file a resolution against the Philippines, the Icelander living in the country, Olaffson apologized for his country’s misstep as he ended his open letter saying sorry to the Philippines and the Filipino people for what his country have done to the country.

Read the Complete Statement of Bæring Olafsson:

President Rodrigo Duterte is RIGHT.
Iceland Is WRONG.

It was utterly wrong of Iceland to pass the resolution of the the Human Rights Council against the Sovereign Democratic State of the Philippines. The handling and fighting against Drug Cartels and Criminal Gangs inside of the Plilippines is an internal domestic issue and a law enforcement issue by the Philippine Government and there should be no interference from outside entities or countries.

If this is the way forward for Human Rights council of the UN, then which Country is next… China, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, France, Italy??? how about trying to understand how much Philippines has developed forward in the last few years with high economic growth, huge infrastructure projects going on and development of order and peace going on many fronts.

There is full democracy and full freedom of speech and activities in all aspects of life in the Philippines and there is no Human Rights issues here at all. The only Human Rights Violations here are the Drug barons and Criminal gangs that kill people at will and President Duterte has taken them on and has more than 80% of the population supporting him in doing so.

I am not proud to be an Icelander here in the Philippines today. Personally, I apologize for this misstep of my Country Iceland.

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