Blogger Slams VP Leni Robredo for Telling Duterte Admin How to Solve Traffic Problems

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The controversial Vice President of the Republic made headlines anew this time around regarding one of the most pressing problems in Metro Manila, the surmounting traffic problems.

VP Leni issued a press release telling the Duterte administration on what to do to solve the traffic mess after the MMDA started enforcing the yellow lane policy, causing confusion among motorists.

VP Leni stated “We are all affected by the horrendous traffic in EDSA, but solutions from the government should strive to benefit everyone and not leave some people unduly burdened. […] A key aspect in this will be developing efficient mass transport that will encourage more Filipinos to use public transportation instead of private vehicles. […] We continue to urge the government to implement holistic solutions, instead of hasty stopgap ones that will truly address the root causes of our traffic problem.”

Based upon the MMDA’s order the “yellow lane policy” prohibits vehicles on the yellow lanes marked by solid lines from swerving, changing lanes or overtaking.

Due to the controversies involving the newly-implemented yellow lane policy of the MMDA, politicians like Sen. Grace Poe and VP Leni Robredo allegedly rode on the issue as a way to hit the Duterte administration but netizens and bloggers responded by slamming the politicians on social media.

Mark Lopez expressed ourtaged on Facebook for VP Leni Robredo to have the temerity to make such shallow statement which he described as more posturing rather than solving problem.

The veteran blogger remarked that until now, he cannot fathom how someone like Robredo who is a lawyer and considered as the second highest official of the land had an alleged below average level in terms of her IQ, EQ and LQ or Leadership Quality.

Read the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez:

Response to Leni Robredo, on her statement re traffic problem –

Ms Robredo,

As a citizen who is personally experiencing the so called horrendous traffic in the Metro, I am outraged that you have the temerity to issue a statement that caters more on posturing rather than problem solving.

I really cannot fathom how someone like you deserve to be the 2nd highest official of the land, when your IQ, EQ and LQ (leadership quality) clearly rank below average level.

And this statement is testament of that.

Because this is nothing but a hollow statement intended to bolster your superfluous and weak image as a government official.

Seriously, you did not contribute anything to alleviate the situation, and you even cemented the legacy of incompetence and callousness of your own political party.

Why? Because we are precisely in this mess because of the greed, shortsightedness, ineptitude and apathy of the leaders whom you have allied yourself with.

Our country became stagnant because of the poor leadership of your yellow gang, in which we can clearly see that you have what it takes in carrying their heritage of stupidity.

Ms Robredo, it is this idiocy which has now blinded you to the fact that the current administration has been exerting an enormous amount of determination, resolve and massive political will in order to pursue the genuine desire to give us a more comfortable life.

And what you have outlined as a wish list in your shallow statement is actually work being done NOW and ever since this administration took over.

There is now a short, medium and long term plan to vastly improve and seamlessly integrate the neglected infrastructure and transport system of our country.

All you have to do, without the need to over analyze, is simply browse the net, click on the social media pages of the Department of Public Works and Highways and Department of Transportation – Philippines, and you will see the grand projects in railways, airports, trains, seaports, bridges, and road network.

I don’t know about you Ms Robredo, and how lazy or blind your staff is, just like you, but the information and data is all there, and which majority of us Filipinos are very much aware, and have come to appreciate.

What you have been lazily dreaming is ACTUALLY BEING DONE!

Sa totoo lang Aling Leni, sobrang nakakairita at nakaka bwiset kapag nakakabasa kami ng ganitong napakababaw na press release mula sa iyo. Kasi obvious na namumulitika ka lang at nagpapaka relevant, even if magmukha ka nang tanga.

Isa pa eh halata naman na you are pandering to the interest of big business dito sa issue na ito. Masyado ba maapektuhan ang Cubao ni Mar Roxas pag inalis ang mga terminal sa Edsa?

Babanat ka pa ng “we continue to urge the government to implement holistic solutions” eh pucha naman ano ba ang tingin mo sa Build Build Build, wala lang na parang relasyon nyo lang ni Bolet?

Sana man lang Leni, imbes na pumorma ka ng pang e epal, eh di ba mas maganda kung tumulong ka na lang na magpaliwanag sa taumbayan na ang “nararanasan natin ngayon traffic eh pansamantala lamang at necessary dahil kumikilos na ating gobyerno para manumbalik ang disiplina sa kalsada, at para sa kalaunan ay maging mas convenient na ang mobility. At huwag kayo mag alala dahil doble kayod ang inyong gobyerno ngayon na ma improve ang ating imprastraktura”

Parte ka naman ng gobyerno eh pero bakit nga ba mas pinipili mo na mang epal at manira pa sa ating bayan?

Naiintidihan namin na kelangan magtiis ngayon dahil nga kelangan din natin maghabol.

At alam din namin na determinado si President Rody Duterte na ayusin ang bulok na sistema na syang nag precipitate nitong traffic problem. Lalu na patungkol sa disiplina. Ang gusto mawala ni Pangulo ay ang culture of impunity na syang pangunahing dahilan bakit wala tayong disiplina maski sa kalsada.

The same culture of impunity na mukhang mas gusto mo protektahan at manatili.

Shame on you…

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

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