Watch: Mayor Isko Moreno Warns Tayuman-Pritil Drivers to Behave or Else Lose Franchise

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The country’s most popular local chief executive today, Mayor Isko Moreno of the City of Manila issued an ultimatum for the jeepney drivers along Tayuman-Pritil to discontinue loading passengers in illegal terminals or else they’re going to lose their franchise.

Mayor Isko Moreno is also best known for his diplomacy works in the city but some problems needs some extra-ordinary solutions just like the problems of the jeepney drivers in some areas of Manila.

The City Mayor issued an ultimatum on August 2, 2019 against the drivers who did not follow his orders particularly those who are vying the route of Tayuman-Pritil area.

Mayor Isko Moreno was quoted as saying ““Ayaw niyo talagang umalis diyan ha sa Espirito Santo (Church) sa gitna at Tayuman, ayaw niyong makinig? Susunod tatangalin ko na kayo sa Maynila,” the Mayor said.

“So it’s either mang gulang kayo ng mangulang or itigil niyo nalang, dahil kung hindi, hindi lang pila ang mawawala sa inyo, yung hanap buhay ninyo, aalisin ko, dahil hindi maganda na nakakapag hanap buhay kayo pero nakakapang api kayo ng mga kapwa natin mahihirap,” he added.

According to the City Mayor of Manila, he already warned the jeepne drivers involved many times, but he found out that they’re still loading and unloading passengers in illegal terminals which made the Mayor disappointed.

During the issuance of the ultimatum in social media, Mayor Isko Moreno revealed that many netizens are already complaining about the inconvenience brought by the illegal terminals in Tayuman.

Mayor Isko urged the drivers affected to convene a meeting to discuss his ultimatum as he also showed the complaint they file in the LTFRB to suspend the Pritil-Tayuman jeepney franchise.

The illegal terminal along Tayuman-Pritil is considered as one of the major traffic problems in the city for years and it was already featured in various TV shows many times over, because of the unending clearing operations along the area.

Watch the Ultimatum of Mayor Isko Moreno:

Source: Manila Information Office

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