Author Calls Sen. Grace Poe “Stupid” for Refusing to Grant Duterte’s Request for Emergency Powers

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A veteran author and consultant of former President Fidel Valdez Ramos (FVR) has called out lawmaker and Senator Grace Poe as “stupid” for refusing to grant Pres. Rody Duterte’s request for emergency powers.

The former consultant was identified as Jose Alejandrino explained that if Sen. Grace Poe had used her brain, she should have granted the request of Pres. Rody Duterte for emergency powers to solve Metro Manila’s worsening traffic problems.

Alejandrino stated that if the President fails to solve Manila’s traffic woes, Sen. Grace Poe could have easily wiggle her way out of criticism and tell the public, “Don’t look at me. I gave him what he asked and he failed.”

Otherwise, the senator could claim credit if the Duterte administation succeeds in solving the traffic problems in Metro Manila. Due to the bad decision of Poe, for sitting on the request for emergency powers, the public sees Poe as an obstructionist.

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by Jose Alejandrino

Duterte gave Grace Poe enough rope to hang herself. By refusing to grant him the emergency powers he needs to solve the horrendous traffic problem in the Manila metropolis, Poe painted herself as a politician whose principal concern is to advance her own ambition of being president in 2022 than serve the common good of the people. Poe has been sharply criticized by netizens on social media as an obstructionist.

The MM traffic problem has not only caused discomfort to untold numbers of drivers and commuters but also led to huge productivity losses by manufacturers and businesses estimated at one-trillion pesos annually since most Philippine industries are located in the metropolis and adjacent areas.

If Grace Poe had used her brain, sadly deficient, she could have turned the tables against the government by giving Duterte emergency powers and see how government performs. If Duterte was successful, she would have shared in that success by rightfully claiming she was the one who had given him the powers to succeed. If Duterte had failed, she could say, “Don’t look at me. I gave him what he asked and he failed.” Either way, she would have scored brownie points. She doesn’t know how to play chess.

What is so difficult about giving Duterte emergency powers? When FVR needed them to solve the energy crisis, Congress gave them to him to stop “brownouts.”

If Grace Poe had any brain, she would steer her committee to recommend Congress adopt a resolution along the following lines:

“The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, is hereby granted emergency powers he deems necessary till the end of his presidential term, for the purpose of solving the traffic problem in the Metro Manila area, such powers including but not limited to:

1. The designation of an overall traffic czar to clear all obstacles which impede the flow of traffic, said czar to report directly to the president on a periodic basis as to his/her progress;
2. Authority given to the traffic czar to impose measures and penalties, including the impoundment of public and private vehicles, on erring bodies and entities;
3. Authority to the same to set hours and time of delivery by suppliers of goods and merchandise for cargo trucks and transporters of containers to operate during the day and night;
4. Authority to impose disciplinary measures on municipal mayors and public officials who fail to comply with the orders and instructions of the traffic czar.”

Source: Adolfo Mortera FB Page

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