MJ Reyes Burns De Lima for Commenting in the Dismissal of Faeldon

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Veteran blogger and prominent social media personality MJ Quiambo Reyes burned down the incarcerated lawmaker, Sen. Leila de Lima who made a comment on social media regarding the recent involvement involving an official of the government being fired by Pres. Rody Duterte.

Although the senator did not mention any names on her Twitter statement, she is obviously referring to the dismissed Bureau of Corrections Chief, Nicanor Faeldon who was fired recently by no less than the President.

Sen. Leila de Lima posted the following statement on social media: “Sa oras ng laglagan sa Administrasyon Duterte, iisa lamang ang palaging palusot ng mga opisyales nito, ang ituro ang nakaraang Administrasyong Aquino.”

The statement of De Lima caught the attentions of MJ Reyes, who is best known on social media as one of the fiercest defender of the President.

MJ Reyes responded with the following statement:

Q: Sino po ba pasimuno ng ambiguous na batas at mas ambiguous na IRR?
A. Di naman si Magellan. Kayo kayo sa TweednaDaan.

Q: Sino at kailan nagpalaya ng mga heinous crime convicts noon na ginaya ng mga BuCor ngayon?
A: Mga tao nyo. Sa panahon. Sa panahon ni Aquino

The statement of Sen. Leila de Lima on social media came out after President Rody Duterte has fired Bureau of Corrections Chief Nicanor Faeldon for supposedly disobeying his order to stop the release of more convicts under the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) Law.

President Duterte confirmed that he called Nic Faeldon to stop further release of inmates, but Faeldon instead “tried to justify” the computations of the inmates’ good conduct time allowance.

“I was trying to provide the fire extinguisher para wala nang duda ‘yung tao. No releases. Eh kung sinabi niya ‘yan eh ‘di wala na sana,” Duterte said. “Ang problema, kinabukasan, he came up with his statement with his own computation.”

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Source: Facebook / PNA

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