Sec. Teddy Locsin Asks:”Is She In Touch with El Chapo?”

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Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. questioned the Vice President for her latest statement saying that the Philippine President should stop his failed dr*g war.

According to Secretary Locsin, he’s in doubt with the sincerity of the Vice President and his alleged possible connection with the Mexican dr*glord El Chapo after she made a statement that the administration’s anti-dr*g campaign was flawed and inefficient.

The Foreign Affairs Secretary asked “How does she know it isn’t working? Is she in touch with… El Chapo? Who else can tell the war’s going well or badly?” lambasted Locsin.

Sec. Locsin added further that “I wanted to make a case for declaring victory but she says it’s a clear a defeat. So clearly we must fight on. Never say surrender, just go on saying die.” the DFA Secretary added.

This is not the first time that the Vice President made a controversial statement against the anti-dr*g war of the Philippine President, during the year 2017, VP Leni Robredo even proposed to decriminalize dr*g use and study what Portugal did.

VP Leni once said “One of those is Portugal. What did Portugal do? Portugal found a system to combat dr*gs that was peaceful and orderly. They reformed their laws; they strengthened rehabilitation [of addicts]; they fixed their institutions responsible for rehabilitating… They were triumphant,” VP Leni stated.

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