Jimmy Bondoc Defends SEA Games PR Team, Hints About Demolition Job to Discredit Duterte

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PAGCOR Official Jimmy Bondoc defended the PR Team handling the SEA Games 2019 for their alleged lapses because it just happened that there’s some demolition jobs to discredit the Duterte administration.

According to Bondoc, we should not criticize the SEA Games PR Team because they have done their best efforts  to promote the games but it just happened that, good news went unnoticed but controversy hounds the area, especially in the hosting and preparations because the critics of the President is also doing their job to secure the President.

For the past few days the highly-anticipated SEA Games preparations was hounded by controversy particularly negative news and alleged failures of the Duterte administration being highlighted and sensationalized by the mainstream media.

Most of the failed preparations news about the SEA Games were discovered as manipulations by some journalists but reported both by the local and international media. Netizens cried foul against journalist and the Dilawans on social media for their crab mentality.

Read the Complete Statement of Jimmy Bondoc:

Hindi niyo po maaaring sabihin na nagkulang ang PR team ng seagames organizers, dahil:

1) matagal na nilang nilalabas ang mga good developments, pero hindi niyo pinapansin dahil wala pang controversy. Alam niyo naman na good news travels slowly as a rule;

2) PROFESSIONAL DIN ang demolition job. Alam din naman natin na mas madali manira kesa magtaguyod. Sa balita, ganyan din.
Bakit professional?

– napakaBILIS ng demolition;
– napaka DAMI ng ibinato;
-pinaghalo-halo ang sobrang kasinungalingan (mga zero factual basis or fabricated) sa mga medyo kasinungalingan lamang (di pa rin totoo ang conclusion, pero may basis na totoo).

All these are marks of a professional demolition job. Mabilis, malawakan, mapanloko. You cannot do that without money. We can only guess how much.
All we see is- the major network was actively participating. So who knows?

Kaya kayong mga naloko ng fake news, wag na kayo magulat. I will be fair:
it is not your fault totally.
Ang TRABAHO ng PROFESSIONAL demolition mercenary ay ang ma-CONVINCE ang matatalino. Hindi ang mga bobo.
Bakit? E wala namang makikinig masyado sa bobo.

Parang asukal lang. Noong araw pa alam ng mga researcher na may link ang sugar sa heart issues. Pero sa pamamagitan ng pera, na-legitimize nila ang fake news na Fat daw ang masama.

Isa pa. Sigarilyo. There was actually a time na “recommended” ang yosi to promote good health. Magiging cowboy ka pa.

In sum, may lesson pa rin di ba?
Na kahit ano pa ang partido mo,
it is becoming increasingly important to exercise restraint, forbearance, and patience. Dahil napakabilis na ng balita.
It is outrunning our souls.

After hearing both sides of each issue, then go ahead. Banat.
But the key is TIME.
Hindi lang basta “feeling” mo, narinig mo na both sides, banat na.

Kasi, pag ang isang tao or organization ay binabanatan, or even accused in a court of law, he MUST be given reasonable time to prepare his answer, kasi NANANAHIMIK SYA E. Ikaw ang nanggugulo.

You had a LOT of time to build up this accusation against him. To focus on trivialities. To nitpick. To zero in on one little aspect of his life or a lie, which he is not expected to focus on every second.

So you have to give him the same amount of time to answer. Ganun ka-simple.

Does that mean wala kayong legitimate concerns? OF COURSE NOT!
In fact, those concerns MUST be raised. Pero ano ulit ang key?

The right amount of TIME.
And AT the proper TIME.

Para di tayo naki-kikiam araw-araw.

Ayaw mo pa rin?
Ok fine


Source: Jimmy Bondoc FB Page

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