Netizen Criticizes GMA Reporter for Alleged Fault-Finding in the SEA Games

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A concerned netizen took to social media criticizing a certain GMA News reporter for his alleged fault-finding activities in the SEA Games. The said journalist was identified as Dano Tingcungco, he is the one who entered a female restroom.

In a controversial tweet, journalist Tingcungco reported that there are no conjugal cubicles in a female restroom located at Biñan Stadium, but noticed that there’s a urinal for male inside the restroom.

The concerned netizen on the other hand was identified as Harold Tan, who criticized the GMA News reporter for his alleged malicious Twitter post which is a sign of fault-finding some activities related to the SEA Games.

Tan explained on social media that the urinal present inside the female restroom was intended for kids because their mothers cannot assist them inside the male restroom.

Harold Tan criticized the reporter and even the company he worked for, the act he committed lowered GMA Network’s credibility according to the concerned netizen.

“What was Dano Tingcungco doing in a ladies’ restroom? Was he highlighting the urinal inside the same restroom? Hasn’t he heard of mothers who bring their very young boys to the ladies’ room to tinkle, because mothers can’t go to the men’s room to accompany their very young sons?” Tan said.

“GMA News took down the tweet. Fault-finding and ignorance lower a reporter’s reputation. If it chooses to feature the ignorant fault-finding, it lowers the network’s credibility. That’s why I don’t watch or listen to GMA News anymore.” he added.

Although the photo was already deleted by GMA News, the said photo of the female restroom already went viral on social media and it received mixed reactions among netizens.

Source: Harold Tan FB Page

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