Pres. Duterte Given a Special Football Jersey No. 10, It’s Significant in Soccer

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The Philippine President received a special treatment in Thailand as he received a special football jersey No. 10 in the ASEAN Summit 2019 held in Thailand.

All the ASEAN leaders who attended the 35th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit were given a symbolic jersey FIFA after the historic signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between ASEAN and the Federation Interanationale de Football Association (FIFA) on November 2, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Aside from Pres. Rody Duterte who received the special jersey no. 10, Brunie Prime Minister Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah also received the same jersey number from FIFA.

According to a trivia posted on Quora there is a significant meaning of the jersey number 10 in the game of football or more popularly known as soccer, considered as the world’s most popular sports.

The jersey number 10 in football is given only to the player is a master of football fundamentals and especially attacking midfielder or forward.

Some of the parameters which makes these players so good and wear that jersey no. 10 are the following:

TECHNICAL ABILITY = Number 10 is master of football fundamentals. Dribbling, passing & ball control are his speciality. They are very fast with ball. They possess good ball skills. The one who wears that jersey has to be a playmaker and adjust with situation what team is needed at that particular time.

VISION = Number 10 treats football game like a chess. Vision on the field means how you create chances for the goal. Finding a team mate breaking through the opponent defence that needs some football intelligence. Number 10 creates opportunities by finding correct person to score a goal.

LEADERSHIP = needs to be dominant on the field. The best number 10s are very confident on their role. They know how to break the defence and what to do when . They need to be little selfish in my opinion but should not forget the basics of football.

Some of the world’s most popular football players who wears the famous Number 10 football jersey are Pele, Maradona, Messi, Neymar Jr., Totti, Baggio, Ibrahimovic, Modric, Mane, Bale, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Rooney, Kane and Mbappe. 

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