Singapore’s Mark Shen Burns Gretchen Ho During an Interview (Video)

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Singapore’s Beach Volleyball Player Mark Shen was lauded by Filipino netizens for his straight forward answers against Gretchen Ho’s interview.

During the interview, the former Volleyball player from Ateneo was allegedly fishing for a negative reactions from Mark Shen but she failed miserably.

When Gretchen Ho asked about the food served to the athlete, Singapore’s Mark Shen responded by saying that the food is okay, the quality and quantity is not bad.

Watch the Video Interview with Gretchen Ho:

The reporter also asked about the possible problems the athletes encountered with their shuttle service from the airport, but Shen responded by saying that upon arrival, the reception was really good and everything was smooth as they settle in a hotel very quickly

Upon recognizing that Gretchen Ho could not get any negative answer from the Singaporean athlete, the reporter asked about the sand court, but the athlete responded brilliantly by saying that it is one of the better sand quality compared to the previous time he went to Manila.

Gretchen Ho then decided to end the interview with the Singaporean athlete failing her alleged fishing expedition to get a negative reactions from the athlete.

Due to the controversial video interview conducted Gretchen Ho with the Singaporean athletes, netizens took to social media and lambasted the former volleyball player for her biased reporting.

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