Jover Laurio Reportedly Suffers from Stroke, Netizen Reacts

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A concerned netizen and micro-blogger, Noel Landero Sarifa reported that one of the critics of the Duterte administration, Jover Laurio or Pinoy Ako Blog suffered from a stroke and was brought to the hospital immediately.

According to Sarifa, his head is shouting, Gaba! Merisi!, Karma! for Jover Lauro after she created a lot black propaganda and brainwashed a lot of Filipino.

Jover Laurio in an instance even wished for ill for the President and the first family.

Seeing the situation of Laurio, makes the netizen felt pity for the controversial blogger as he asked how much money does she need that she can afford to be traitor of her own country.

Meanwhile, another micro-blogger and prominent Duterte defender on social media reveals on social media that the face of the iconic Opposition channel Pinoy Ako Blog, Jover Laurio, had suffered a stroke in late October that seemingly left her arm significantly weakened.

Krizette Chu confirmed that Pinoy Ako Blog is currently unddergoing rehabilation to strengthen the arm, but despite the recent medical conditions of Pinoy Ako Blog, someone from her team continued their attack against the President on social media.

Read the Complete Statement of Noel Landero Sarifa:

My head is shouting, GABA! MERISI! KARMA! She created a lot of black propaganda and brainwashed a lot of Filipino. When she wished for ill for the President and the First Family, sobrang galit and namayani sa puso ko. Seeing her in this situation makes me pity her. How much money does she need that she can afford na maging traidor sa Bayan? Na kaya nyang magpagamit sa mga Politiko at Oligarch na halang ang mga kaluluwa?

I just wish she will get better soon and realize that she was given another chance to live and correct whatever she has done. I hope she walks out of that hospital with a positive ideology for our country and our countrymen. No one is perfect, everyone do commit mistakes but to dedicate your life to push this administration and this country to fall down is evil beyond words.

Kabayan, magpagaling ka and sana, magbago na ang pananaw at paninindigan mo. Let’s move forward in uplifting the spirit of every Filipino.

Noel Landero Sarifa

Source: Noel Landero Sarifa and Krizette Chu

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