Bobi Tiglao Expose: Some ABS-CBN Journalists Allegedly Helped NPA’s Fight Against Democracy

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Former Ambassador and veteran columnist of The Manila Times, Rigoberto ‘Bobi’ Tiglao made an interesting expose about some ABS-CBN journalists who were reportedly helping the New People’s Army on their fight against the government.

According to the information presented by Bobi Tiglao there were alleged circumstances wherein some journalists leaked the plans of the military to the NPA.

In his column on national paper, Bobi Tiglao wrote “Military intelligence was specially worried over reports it was getting from its field offices that ABS-CBN ‘correspondents’ in insurgency hotspots were either members of the CPP or sympathizers who often presented the rebels’ views more than that of the military. Worse, military intelligence claimed that ABS-CBN correspondents then wittingly or unwittingly revealed the Army’s plans and strengths to the NPA units in the area,” Bobi Tiglao exposed.

The veteran journalist said that the biggest network in the country, has served since 1986 as the alleged reliable media outlet, broadcasting and posting verbatim in its website statements of the CPP-NPA and its many legal fronts to reach even the boondocks.

With the closure of ABS-CBN, the Duterte administration, its legislative and judicial branches will be hitting two birds with one stone. First, it will disarm its most potent weapon, the Lopez oligarch clan and it will strengthen Philippine democracy, help develop our nation into a strong state, independent of oligarchs. Second it will confiscate from the communists who have vowed to topple our democracy, its most effective propaganda venue, the mass media.

Bobi Tiglao also noted that he is not surprised that the CPP itself, its NPA armed wing and many of its overt and covert mass organizations have deliriously railed against ABS-CBN’s closure, campaigning feverishly that it be allowed to resume operations.

The veteran political analyst, Tiglao also revealed that the owners of ABS-CBN, the Lopezes, together with the families of Cojuangco-Aquino were alleged allies of the New People’s Army on their fight against the former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.

To know more about the expose of Rigoberto Tiglao, just head on to the official website of The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

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