Mayor Sara Duterte Burns ABS-CBN for Alleged Biased Reporting

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Presidential daughter and Mayor of Davao City took to social media as she burned down the controversial TV Network ABS-CBN for their misleading news article featuring the Philippine President.

In a news article titled “Sara Duterte defends father’s Davao trip: President is frontliner,” ABS-CBN reportedly failed to contextualized Mayor Duterte’s defense of the trip that her father, Pres. Rody Duterte, made to their hometown in Davao City over the weekend.

Mayor Sara Duterte took issue with the article posted by ABS-CBN News Online as she mentioned on Instagram several legal bases or her father’s May 16 flight to Davao in the live interview on Davao City Disaster Radio.

Mayor Sara Duterte was quoted as saying “Alam niyo Abs-Cbn kaya marami naiinis sa inyo dahil nanadya kayo. Apart from this sassy answer, I gave a mouthful of numbers as legal basis, aba kahit isa wala man lang kayo sinulat,” she said.

The Mayor of Davao City said on social media that the  Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) released an omnibus guide dated May 15 detailing the exemptions to travel restrictions, which meant the President could fly from Manila to Davao City.

Mayor Duterte then posted a cryptic message, mentioning Filipino foods to represent politikos, whom she accused of being in ABS-CBN’s pockets.

Andami niyo na nga kalaban gusto niyo pa dagdagan. Kung sabagay pasok naman na sila Espasol, Sapin-Sapin at Chicharon sa bulsa eh noh, 6 months to 25 years,”

“So tuloy lang tayo sa bias. Magsulat kayo maayos oi. And for the record, walang connection ang freedom of speech at iba pang kieme ninyo sa isang franchise. Amen,” Sara added.

Source: Mayor Duterte Instagram

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