Must Watch: Xian Gaza Exposed the Alleged Modus Operandi Behind Francis Leo Marcos

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Controversial social media personality and the infamous Xian Gaza made an interesting expose as he detonated a bomb versus Francis Leo Marcos or Norman Mangusin in real life.

In the latest Facebook Live of Xian Gaza he exposed Norman Mangusin or Francis Leo Marcos, the self-confessed philanthropist who made a name for himself by starting the Milyonaryo Challenge trend.

Francis Leo Marcos started the challenged that implies and urged millionaires to donate to the poor in the midst of hunger brought about by the enhanced community quarantine in different parts of the country as part of the government’s response against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the said Facebook Live, Xian Gaza revealed the real motive behind all the alleged social media stunts of Francis Leo Marcos and the publicity garnered by the efforts of the self-made billionaire.

Gaza revealed the real and alleged motives of Francis Leo Marcos, as he remarked that if we think this kind of publicity as a political move for 2022, we are wrong, because Marcos will not be running anymore, it just a mere diversion of his group’s real plans.

According to Xian Gaza, Norman Mangusin aka Francis Leo Marcos was recruited by someone from an investment scam syndicate.

The controversial blogger, Gaza claimed that as early as December 2019, the investment scam syndicate started planning this and by 2020, the syndicate will launch their project. He revealed that the investment isn’t new, in fact these people were behind the many investment scams in the past who had collected millions of pesos from gullible Filipinos.

However, the plan of the alleged syndicate connected to Francis Leo Marcos, encountered a major problem, the COVID-19 crisis that erupted, and getting investments from Filipinos was impossible.

The alleged syndicate found a way to exploit the pandemic by using a front man they will build up, packaged as a philantropist, a very rich person that will ignite the social media world, and this man is no other than Francis Leo Marcos.

Know more about the alleged syndicate connected with Francis Leo Marcos by watching the Expose of Xian Gaza below:

Source: Xian Gaza FB Page

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