DDS Blogger Explains the Difference Between A Filipino Citizen & Filipino Descent

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Veteran blogger and political analyst based in Europe, Sass Rogando Sasot explained the difference between a Filipino citizen and having a Filipino descent to clarify the issue involving ABS-CBN CEO Gabby Lopez.

According to Sass Sasot, there’s a huge difference between having a Filipino citizenship compared to being a citizen having a Filipino descent.

The political analyst said that Gabby Lopez had a Filipino nationality but he did not have a Filipino citizenship when he was the chair of ABS-CBN.

Citizenship requires a recognition of the State, particularly in the Philippines in the case of Lopez, the blogger explained that it is indeed clear the Gabby Lopez don’t have a Filipino citizenship and was not recognized by the Philippines but he is being recognized in the United States as having a US citizenship.

Read the Complete Statement of Sass Rogando Sasot:

Gabby Lopez always had a Filipino nationality but did he have a Filipino CITIZENSHIP when he was the Chair of ABS-CBN? Citizenship requires a recognition of the State. Ang malinaw sa akin eh he was recognized by the US as a US citizen, but he had to apply for Filipino citizenship sometime in the 2000s.

Sabi ng kampo ni Lopez, nakasaad sa incorporation noon ng ABS ang kanyang Filipino descent. Yet “descent” is different from being a citizen.

Kasi if having Filipino parents ang batayan without State recognition of your Filipino citisenship, then all Filipinos by descent even though wala silang Filipino citizenship can circumvent Constitutional provision na only reserve media ownership to Filipino CITIZEN.

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

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