Madam Inutz Receives P200,000 Surprise from Wilbert Tolentino

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The popular online seller and social media sensation Madam Inutz received a huge surprise of her life from no less than entrepreneur and vlogger Wilbert Tolentino.

Madam Inutz admitted earlier on her latest video that she decided to withdrew from her contract with Star Image and decided to make out of her own popularity on social media, a n unexpected blessings came knocking at her own doors as she was visited by vlogger and entrepreneur Wilbert Tolentino also known as Sir Wil. 

Daisy Cabantog or Daisy Lopez couldn’t believe she could receive such a huge blessings from an unexpected visitor. She was able to received a huge amount of money worth around P200,000.00.

According to Wilbert Tolentino, the P100,000 she will give to Madam Inutz will be used for the medication for her mother while the remaining P100,000 will be used as her capital for her online business. 

In the latest vlog of Sir Wil or Wilbert Tolentino, he was accompanied by Harlene “Hipon Girl” as they visited the home of Madam Inutz where her mother also live and she also do her business of live selling to her millions of followers. 

Madam Inutz introduced Wilbert Tolentino and Hipon Girl to her mother who immediately recognized Harlene as one of the girl featured in the popular TV Show Wowowin. 

The popular online seller was so grateful with the blessings she received from Wilbert Tolentino and even Harlene couldn’t control her emotions as she shed tears during the time when Sir Wil gave the P200,000.00 to Madam Inutz. 

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