Teenager Working Student Bought Her Dream House. How She Did It?

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A hard-working 19-year-old student is now making the rounds on social media for her achievements during the time of the pandemic. Thousands of netizens were amazed by her hard work and dedication which resulted into being proud homeowner. 

The viral teen-ager student was identified as Patricia Mae Tandas, a Psychology Major by day and a call center agent by night as well as a dedicated vlogger who sells baked mac and cookies on the side. 

According to Patricia in an interview with GMA News TV, she only hustled so she can buy things she wanted at first, but later on she realized that she can invest in something greater and more useful. 

The young teen-ager student decided to pour all her savings into a small house and lot in Cavite worth around P750,000. During the initial stage of Patricia’s decision, her father did not approve her plans but the teenager was able to convince her father later on. 

Once she will acquire the property, she had greater plans for it, she would rent out the house until the payments are done. 

Meanwhile, Patricia’s mom, was not surprised with the decision of Patricia, as she always knew her daughter like to think one step ahead. 

The mother of Patricia, Evelyn Tandas, even recalled during the interview with GMA that when her daughter was still in high school, she would bring graham balls, sandwiches and marshmallows to sell to her classmates.

Netizens are then wondering how Patricia Tandas was able to achieve her dreams of buying her dream house even if she is still a working student and right now we are under a huge health crisis due to the pandemic. 

Buying our own dream house, or having a property is one of our ultimate dreams, it’s a distant reality, given the huge costs of buying a home. It is indeed difficult for everybody but not for Patricia. 

The house and lot property bought by Patricia is a 34-square-meter home with provisions for two bedrooms and one bath. It is located in a flood-free zone, with it’s residences that offers peace of mind. 

Watch the Video Report from GMA News:

Source: GMA News / Facebook 

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