US-Based Accountant Calls Pacquiao’s Campaign Ad “Superlatively Disgusting” for Showcasing Poverty

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A US-Based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora described Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s campaign as “Superlatively Disgusting” for allegedly showcasing poverty in the Philippines. 

The veteran blogger and prominent Duterte supporter opened his Facebook post by asking his followers if they’ve seen the video of Sen. Manny Pacquiao. 

Edwin Jamora criticized the controversial video of Pacquiao for allegedly showcasing poverty in the country. The US-Based blogger hope that Pacquiao should have make his home province Sarangani, as a model of his Midas touch to make himself convincing.

If the veteran senator is indeed true to his words of helping our fellow Filipinos, then what is the reason behind the recent poverty incidence of his province which is considered as one of the most consistent poorest province in the country.  

Jamora asked his followers about their reactions on the Pacquiao’s experience in his home province. If Pacquiao couldn’t even make Sarangani a progressive province, why does he thinks he can make the entire country progressive. 

The veteran Bicolano accountant ended his rant against Sen. Manny Pacquiao by saying that the world boxing champion and sports icon has nothing to offer except his rags-to-riches story. 

Copying Manny’s formula for success according to Jamora, is not even for everyone. Not all his province mates want to be a boxer either. 

Read the Complete Statement of Edwin Jamora:


Have you seen Manny Pacquiao’s campaign video?! Tadtad siya ng poverty porn. Kaloka! And then, if you think about it, meron sana siyang experimental ground to show off his Midas skills. Saranggani Province.


I’m not trying to put down the Province, nor insult the people there, but they happen to be on one of the poorest provinces listing. Consistently.

It appears naman that the current administration in the Province is doing its best to alleviate the poverty there. But they need help. And if Manny couldn’t transform Saranggani Province into something progressive, kasi yon ang parang sinasabi niya sa video, then what can he offer to the Filipinos and the country?

Manny has nothing to offer except his rags-to-riches story! But can all 100 million Filipinos be Manny and use the same formula for a better life? Hell fkin NO! Because if we have to look back in Saranggani, I don’t think every one of them in the Province wants to be a boxer.

This video is superlatively disgusting!


Watch the Video Ad of Sen. Pacquiao:

Source: Edwin Jamora FB Page

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