Must Watch: Student Shows Stress & Tantrums Because of Modules Went Viral

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A video showing a young student having tantrums for he could no longer control his frustrations and stress for answering his long modules. The education system in the Philippines is employing module-based strategy for the students to continue on their learning despite the presence of COVID-19.

The young student couldn’t control his emotions for the huge files of module. It was first posted in a Facebook video shared by a certain netizen named Claudine Salazar Quilab. 

Based on the viral video which already garnered nearly a million views on Facebook alone. It can be seen that the young boy cried and complaint to his parents due to the number of modules he hasn’t finished yet. 

The young student even threw away his pencil and continued to complain to his father with the module he was answering. 

However, it is clearly heard on the said viral video that the father disagreed with the young student and told him to just finished his module and continue with his study. 

The father who spoke in Ilonggo or Hiligaynon dialect stated in Tagalog “Kung umiyak ka, may maidagdag ba ito sa iyong mga sagot?” the father asked his son. 

Until the very end of the short video it can be seen that the young student continued to move from one place to another and couldn’t control himself on what to do, just to convince his parents to take some rests. 

The uploader on her part clarified that there were 11 subjects/modules per week that the young student should be accomplished but they were also given enough rest as claimed by the uploader. 

Under the new normal classes, the students should answered all their modules that were given to them by their respective teachers and instructors because right now it is really impossible to conduct a face to face learning. 

Meanwhile, according to some critics of the DedEd strategy, they argued that the agency should have suspend the classes for a whole school year instead of continuing with the recent strategy of module-based learning. 

Watch the Viral Video:

Source: Claudine Julia Salazar FB Page

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