Watch: Authorities Manned House of Maria Hoffs Due to Traffic

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Authorities from the Cebu City Transportation Office manned the controversial residence of Maria Hoffs due to the huge influx of traffic after the said house became an instant tourist attractions among netizens in island of Cebu. 

Due to the virality of the controversial video featuring Maria Hoffs and the package owner Marjorie Abastas, netizens who frequented the place made some stop-over and took selfies. 

During the first few days after the video of the alleged “not worth it” lechon package, nobody took notice of the said house but right after it went viral on social media, netizens simply snapped pictures at the house and more netizens followed also. 

During an interview with some local news media channel in Cebu, the owner of the house, Maria Hoffs expressed her displeasure with the huge influx of guests at her home. 

Since her video went viral and even reached the desk of Raffy Tulfo, the said house became an instant tourist attractions, and Maria even complaint about her family’s security and privacy which became a concern among them. 

Maria also claimed that her family were unable to sleep at night because of the constant influx of strangers outside their residents with some of the visitors becoming loud and don’t respect their privacy. 

In a video blog posted by veteran vlogger Reynan’s Vlog, some members of the Cebu Transportation Office can be seen being stationed outside of Maria’s residence. The said local authorities were ordered to monitor and guarantee that the area’s traffic laws are not being broken. 

When asked for their purpose outside the residence of Maria, an official claimed that parking on the route is prohibited because it is part of the national highway and also to ensure that the minimum health protocols will not be violated by the motorists who made a stop-over at the house because Cebu City is now under a heightened restrictions in relation to COVID-19 pandemic. 

Watch the Video of Authorities Manning Maria’s House:

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