Atty. Angeles Urges Not to Vote for Oppressive Senators Like Drilon, Lacson & Gordon

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Veteran blogger and prominent lawyer Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles took to Facebook to rally the public against senators whom she described oppressive and identified Sen. Drilon, Sen. Lalcson and Sen. Gordon. 

Atty. Angeles began her statement by reminding the general public when former BOC Commissioner Nick Faeldon stood up to the senators during a senate probe without fear. 

The veteran lawmer remembered how the former renegade soldier Faeldon bravely absorbed everything the senators could throw at him that even cost him his job at the Bureau of Customs. 

Atty. Angeles said that the same senators who ran over Faeldon and NFA administrator Aquino are now using the same old tricks in the latest senate probe involving some government officials. However, Atty. Angeles remarked that the Duterte supporters now know better because of such kind of experience. 

The veteran lawyer ended her social media post by urging netizens not to vote for these oppressive senators because they are the embodiment of what is wrong with Philippine politics. 

Read the Complete Statement of Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles:

Tandaan ninyo. When Gordon threatened Faeldon with imprisonment, nagpakulong si Nick. He wasn’t afraid of these senators. Frustrated and angry, yes. But fear, no.

And he took everything they threw at him. Kinasuhan sya, pinatanggal sa pwesto, kinulong.

Now these senators are still up to their old tricks, but now we know better. We saw what they did, not just to Faeldon but to NFA Admin Jason Aquino as well, as the latter tried to oppose the dangerous Rice Tarrification Act and ruinous importation that would burden and destroy our farmers and local production.

Do not vote for these oppressive senators. Do not let them get back into office. They embody everything that is wrong with Philippine politics.

Source: Atty. Angeles FB Page

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