Ateneo Professor Reveals Main Problem of the Opposition Against BBM

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Veteran Associate Professor from Ateneo De Davao University, Prof. Christopher Ryan Maboloc revealed an interesting facts, showing the main problem of the opposition against presumptive President Bongbong Marcos. 

According to Prof. Maboloc who also served as a visiting professor at the American University of Sovereign Nations, the main problem of the opposition headed by VP Leni Robredo is the repulsive and condescending attitude of many Leni supporters. 

The professor noted that most Leni supporters believed that they are seated on a moral high chair, insisting that their choice is the supreme position, so that all who belong to the other side of the political fence, are simply labeled or canceled. 

Netizens agreed with the statement released by the Atenedo de Davao University’s Associate Professor as they shared their sentiments on social media after one of the leading news outlets in the country posted a news article regarding the statement released by Prof. Maboloc. 

Netizen Elaine Paje stated that Robredo strategy was patently foolish considering that elections have always been a game of numbers. From the very start, the political opposition made a fatal mistake of pushing for Robredo. 

The victory of VP Leni Robredo in 2016, despite being confirmed by the Supreme Court remains not only doubted by many except by her followers.

It is also an effective trigger to the deep-seated anger that festers among the Marcos loyal base which actually after VP Leni declares that she was running to prevent Marcos Jr. from retaking Malacañang, she awakened not only one, but two dragons which had every reason to breathe fire on her. 

Read Some of the Comments Posted on Facebook:

Nestor Aguilera: If only the opposition unite together and support Isko Moreno to the Presidency there might be a chance. And forget Leni’s ambition. That is why they are upheavals of the Uniteam which they support each others as one!


Gene Tong: Pinalalabas nilang masmatalino at masedukado sila kaysa mga masnakararaming Pinoy sa kadahilanang mahihirap sila. Sa bandang huli, masmatalino at mas marunong pala kaming nasa laylayan, sa pagkilatis at pagpili ng karapat dapat mamuno sa mga Pilipino.

Paeng Roga: The Yellow in Pink’s clothing are hypocrites, flashing the word dictatorship, yet they’re showing it by their actions, I felt relieved when I saw the numbers. Never again they say, yes never again to self entitled hypocrites.

Warlee RT: That’s why they are put to shame, and now many of them cannot accept defeat. Proud people are debased.

Source: SMNI News FB Page

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