Director Ends Debate on Spreader of Fake News Based on Who Received Libel Charges

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For the past few years during the Duterte administration until the entry of incoming President Bongbong Marcos, most pro-Duterte and pro-BBM bloggers have been accused by supporters of the Dilawans as peddlers of fake news. 

This time around, a veteran movie director put an end to the debate on who really are spreader of fake news based on who are at the receiving end of libel charges. 

Some popular pro-Duterte, pro-BBM bloggers and social media influencers have been called fake news by mainstream media but in reality when speaking of fake news peddlers and what not, veteran movie director and actor Manuel “Manny” Castaneda shared his brilliant observation that will leave Dilawans being annoyed. 

According to the explanations made by Castaneda, while the Dilawans are quick to accuse pro-Duterte and pro-BBM bloggers of being fake news peddlers, it is their popular supporters who are at the receiving end of libel charges. 

Read the Complete Statement of Director Manny Castaneda:

They are quick to accuse their adversaries of spreading fake news yet it is people on their side that have received libel charges like Maria Ressa, Enchong Dee and other unknown personalities. Soon Charie Villa will probably join the list.

So, sino ba talaga ang spreader ng fake news?

Netizens also reacted and shared their sentiments on the controversial issue against pro-Duterte and pro-BBM bloggers being accused by the Dilawans. 

Here’s Some of the Comments on Social Media:

Edgardo Sicat: Tulungan na po natin ang ating mga magigiting na mga lawyer sa pag-gather ng evidence at information para maturuan na ang mga yan ng leksyon.

Jose Tieng: dahan dahan step by step na sila naninira kay bbm .. pag saan ngclick doon sila mg cocontrate dapende na yan sa tao kung magogoyo nila yun ang stragedy ng pinklawan

Ram Abrantes: Nasa corporate DNA na nila mag distort and twist ng facts to go with their biases…

Reddy JV: Totally agree! Kung sino nag ingay sila yun super spreaders ng fake news. Gumagawa lang sila ng ingay

Maria Sarmiento: ang mga bayaran sila nag kakalat ng fake news.

Jerome Basang: Excited to see Charie’s name on the hall of shame!

Source: Manny Castaneda FB Page

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