Netizens Wants to Send Trillanes to Ukraine for Rating Pres. Duterte 1 Out of 10

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Concerned netizens took to social media as they slammed former lawmaker and one of the critics of the Duterte and Marcos administration, wanted to send Antonio Trillanes to Ukraine for his generous rating, giving 1 point out of 10 points the performance of outgoing President Rody Duterte. 

Veteran blogger and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu reacted in anger to Sen. Antonio Trillanes who said that giving outgoing Pres. Duterte a grade of 1 out of 10 for his performance as a leader is already too generous on his part. 

Ex-Senator Sonny Trillanes on his part stated that even the prices of gasoline and other products are not allowed in any area. 

Trillanes was quoted as saying “Yung presyo ng gasolina nung nag-assume [ng position], magkano? P30 plus. Ngayon? P70 plus! Magkano ‘yung presyo ng bigas nung nag-assume siya? Nasa P23, P24. Ngayon? Nasa P38, P39,” Trillanes lamented

The outgoing senator also added further that “Tapos, ‘yung inutang nung administrasyon niy, mas marami pa kaysa doon sa inutang nung lahat nung Presidente bago siya. Ano ang niya? Napaka-galante ko na kung bigyan ko siya ng 1.”

The statement of Sen. Antonio Trillanes triggered some reactions among the supporters of the President and the critics of Trillanes. 

Supporters of the President jumped into the comment section of the viral post regarding Trillanes. Most netizens expressed their support to PRRD while castigating Trillanes. 

Krizette Chu commented that “Nagsalita na naman ang male version ni Leni. Tapon kita sa Ukraine e.”

According to another concerned netizen, “Nobody needs your validation.” The second commenter also noted that Trillanes’ opinion is irrelevant since he was even rejected last May 2022 election. 

The commenter was quoted as saying “Antonio Trillanes. Applicant for senator, May 2022. Status: REJECTED. 

The third commenter also defended Villar as he stated that PRRD’s 80% approval rating at the end of his term, who bothers to believe Trillanes anyway. 

Read Some Comments on Social Media:

Lorie Trinidad: Kahit dito po sa CA nagdouble ang presyo ng fuel (to think we have our own fuel resources) and all other commodities as compared to 10 yrs ago. It’s global, not about PRRD!

Pros Mago: Hoooyyyy Trillianesss!! Dito nga sa Denmark ang presyo ng gasolina is currently 18,50 danish crowns. Paki convert mo into peso that is double the price dyan sa atin. Kaya mas mura pa nga dyan sa atin kaysa DK ok? Hindi lang Pilipinas ang affected buong mundo!

Aaron Benedicto: Im sorry to say this to him.

He is definitely out of touch and context sa mga pinagsasabi niya. I think he needs to see a doctor already. So much hate to any incoming and out going president is bad for ones health.

Source: Krizette Chu FB Page

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