Sen. Zubiri Blames Mainstream Media for Sensationalising Sen. Robin Padilla’s Abilities

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Veteran politician and re-elected lawmaker, Sen. Miguel Zubiri called out the mainstream media as he expose some of their biases in terms of reporting. Netizens also shared their sentiments on social media as they exposed the biases of the mainstream media.

According to Sen. Migz Zubiri, the mainstream media allegedly sensationalised his statement earlier regarding the abilities of the newly-elected lawmaker, Sen. Robin Padilla. 

According to Sen. Zubiri the mainstream media sensationalised the topics about the abilities of Robin Padilla as he revealed further that his statement was a statement against Padilla. 

During the interview with ANC, Sen. Zubiri was asked about his plans for Robin Padilla as their upcoming  Senate President. 

The veteran lawmaker affirmed that Aquino was interviewed by ANC, but because of the said incident wherein he reportedly slammed Robin Padilla, he is now exposing the biases of the mainstream media.

Read the Complete Statement of Sen. Zubiri 

Bakit kaya pinalalaki pa nga mainstream media ang kakayahan ni Sen. Robin Padilla? Nung interview nila sa akin ang sabi ko “Kaya niya yan, lets give him the benefit of the doubt as naghahanda naman siya.” Ang problema ay hindi nila sinama yan sa mga sinabi ko, as usual out of context nanaman. 

Remember that there is nothing in our rules that say it should be a lawyer handling certain committees, ganun lang yan minsan by tradition. For example, yung Blue-ribbon committee is usually handled by a Lawyer pero naging Chairperson dyan si Sen. Grace Poe na hindi abogado at maganda naman ang pagdala niya ng Committee. 

Kaya lets give Sen. Robin a chance at mapapakita ng gilas ang kaibigan ko. Ang payo ko naman sa kanya at sa lahat ng mga bagito na Senador ay mag-aral ng mabuti katulad ng ginawa ko nung 2007 pag pasok din sa Senado for the first time. Kaya wag na kaming ipagsabong ng kaibigan ko at ka Uniteam ko na si Sen. 

Robin Padilla at tulongan nalang natin siya.

The controversies that surround the mainstream media’s decision to sensationalize the issue was met with criticisms on social media by varous bloggers and netizens who are supporters of both the DUterte and the Marcos administration. 

According to Edwin Jamora, this is what he keeps on saying on his wall the gestures of these entities are prime examples why mainstream media doesn’t want bloggers to be accredited to deliver news because they cannot advance their narrative. 

Jamora noted that like this one, they aren’t able to advance their narrative against Robin Padilla, they want to project Robin as clueless, but they can’t. 

Netizens also shared their sentiments on social media. Read below some of the comments posted online.

Colive Energy: Robin is Pro- Federalism. He has Sal Panelo as one of his advisers. We are in good hands

Ryan Jefferson: As early as now kasi, they are trying to divid the Uniteam. They will try to create cracks where there is non. Prime example yung ginagawa ng mga Dilawan with Pres. BBM and VP Inday Sara. Pinapalabas nila na BBM is keeping Sara close kasi sakanya siya kumakapit. Ngayun palang iniintriga na at pinapahina ang Unity. Tapos eto din kay Migz at Binoe. Ganyan ka desperado ang mga animal na Dilawan. They will do anything to make the current as well as the admin to fail and look bad para makasingit na naman sila. More than ever, we need to be even more vigilant in making sure na in check ang maiitim na balak ng mga basurang dilawan.

Azil Anafuh: People can read what Sen. Zubiri had stated, nationwide! Now, MSM’s reputation of manipulating the story being confirmed repeatedly. Do people in the media have critical thinking??

I am beginning to think they are all idiots!!

Source: Edwin Jamora FB Page

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