Shopee Employee Defends Toni Gonzaga Even If Loses Her Job

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A vocal former employee of the leading e-commerce site in the country, Shopee defends actress and TV host Toni Gonzaga despite the fact that she was one of those who was fired or lost her job from the company due to downsizing.

According to Aigy Rose Alba who previously worked as a Senior Analyst of Shopee, there are lots of reasons why the company decided to downsize their number of employees and Toni Gonzaga was not one of those reasons. 

The former Shopee employee also revealed that as employees of the company they already knew about the plans of the company. 

Aside from the various problems facing the company, as employees they were made aware of the ongoing recession and the problems being faced by various economies worldwide not only in the Philippines. 

Aigy Rose Alba, the former Shopee employee also revealed that she is very thankful with Shopee for the efforts made by the company.

Until the last days of working with Shopee, the company made sure that they were all compensated fairly as they showed how much valuable their employees. 

Alba also confirmed that she received at least six digits worth of separation fee from Shopee. 

Read the Complete Statement Posted by Aigy Rose Alba: 

“we saw it coming. With the closure of overseas headquarters due to global recession, we knew we will be affected one day. We weren’t expecting though that it would happen that fast and we weren’t ready. Why? Kasi Shopee never burdened us with their losses. We were just enjoying our free ice cream in the office, perks, goodies, salary etc name it, we get it. On time, on the dot, without fail.” ani Alba.

“Even until the very end, Shopee secured a separation package that is more than what we expected – to make sure that us employees and our families can start anew and still celebrate the upcoming holidays. Probably start a business or buy a new iphone? Sana all!” dagdag niya pa.

“Sa mga nagsasabing Shopee choose the endorser vs us, their employees. FYI, Shopee is a business. May business plan and timeline yan. Budgeting didn’t happen overnight. It was already forecasted beforehand. Marketing and OPEX costing are way different. Wala ako sa marketing, pero pwede nyo i-google yan. Also, sa enabler claims nyo, pls don’t forget that we also have ambassadors from the different political spectrum. Wag double standard.” aniya.

“Kaya please! Don’t use our heartbreaks for your political advantage. Stop using us with your cancel culture. You have the right to stand for your political views. Pero wag kami! Iba na lang. Nag momove-on pa lang kami mahirap mawalan ng mabuti at maalagang employer.” 

Source: Aigy Rose Alba

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