Prominent Restaurant in Baguio City Earns Praises for Giving Employees Vacation

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The prominent and well-known restaurant in Baguio City is now making the rounds online as it earns praises from netizens for showing how much they care for their employees as the management offered a memorable holiday, after they were given a one week vacation by the owner. 

The famous restaurant in Baguio City named Goodtaste Restaurant-Otek, went viral on social media as they received praises from netizens for giving a week-long vacation to their employees which they will enjoy during the first week of January. 

Goodtaste Restaurant is considered as one of the most popular dining place in Baguio City according to some loyal customers. 

Unknown to everybody, the gesture of the said restaurant caught the attention of Kristine Mae Radam from DIY Travel Philippines who posted a photo taken at the front of Good Taste Restaurant in Baguio City. 

The announcement was made telling the customers of the said restaurant that they’re going to be closed for 9 days straight. 

Good Taste Restaurant is known in the City of Pines for its good but affordable food and one of their most famous menu is the buttered chicken offering. 

Considered as one of the busiest restaurant in the Summer Capital of the country, Good Taste is indeed having some good reputations as they really cared for the welfare of their employees. 

There are some reports also that said, the company was doing the same thing every year, and as far as one of the customer could remember, they also treat their employees to an out-of-town vacation after summer. 

This is indeed a good deeds from the owner of Good Taste Restaurant and hopefully due to the virality of the said post, some restaurant could follow suit also as part of their corporate social responsibility and showing how much they care for their employees. 

Source: DIY Travel Philippines

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