Luis Buenaventura: Filipino Pioneer of NFTs & YGG Country Manager

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Luis Buenaventura’s Profile Bio:

Luis Buenaventura is a prominent Filipino artist, entrepreneur, software engineer, public speaker, author, and social media influencer who earned recognition for his remarkable achievements. He is notably recognized as the founder of BloomX and the Cryptopop Art Guild (CPAG) and holds the position of Country Manager for the PH Yield Guild Games (YGG).

Luis Buenaventura grew up in Quezon City, Philippines. He graduated from one of the top Universities in the country, the University of the Philippines Diliman, with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication.

The Filipino pioneer of Non-Fungible Tokens is also one of the most prolific authors for the leading cryptocurrency website in the Philippines, BitPinas.

Buenaventura also announced earlier that his company YGG partnered with Nas Academy for the “Web3 Metaversity,” an educational program that will foster community engagement and empower play-to-earn communities to become Web3 leaders as they can learn new ideas from industry experts.

Image Source: Luis Buenaventura NFT Pioneer & YGG Pilipinas Country Manager

Luis Buenaventura writes a weekly newsletter called Cryptoday, which more than 35,000 people read. The newsletter discusses essential and exciting things happening with cryptocurrencies worldwide, specifically in the Philippines.

Early Career in Tech Space:

Luis Buenaventura started his career as a New Media Design freelancer. He has worked on projects for Medical Center Trading, UNICEF Philippines, the European Chamber of Commerce, Warner Music, and several entities.

He founded B&B Multimedia, which designed and engineered web solutions for esteemed clients such as Ayala Land, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, MyAyala, National Bookstore, and the SM Group of Companies. He also co-founded Syndeo Media, a digital marketing agency, and has led projects as a Software Architect for Mobius Games, Odyssey Music, and some startups in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition, Luis Buenaventura co-founded Rebit, a subsidiary of Satoshi Citadel Industries, which aims to revolutionize the remittance industry in the Philippines through its cost-effective Bitcoin-powered solution.

Author and Speaker:

On top of those experiences, Luis Buenaventura also authored two books that revolved around Bitcoin topics, Reinventing Remittances with Bitcoin and The Little Bitcoin Book, published in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

Luis Buenaventura has also presented about cryptocurrencies in different places like New York, San Francisco, Aspen, Las Vegas, Miami, Madrid, London, Bogota, and Ho Chi Minh City. Some venues include the United Nations, the World Crypto Economic Forum, and various conferences related to money transfers and blockchain technology.

He was also a Tech Columnist at a leading digital media company Rappler where he contributed to the topics such as virtual reality, cyber theft, and Bitcoin, among others. He was also a cartoonist and writer at Bitsonline, an online portal for news about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Pioneer of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Scene in PH:

Luis Buenaventura is the person who started the Philippine NFT art scene with his CryptoPop! Digital art brand. He was one of the first artists in the world to create NFTs when he made his first piece in early 2017. Even when NFT was not that popular, Luis was already there.

Luis Buenaventura started his interest in NFT when he attended a gathering in San Francisco. During the event, developers introduced him to a concept called Curio Cards. The project’s purpose is to create digital cards that people could use to trade and sell on the Ethereum blockchain, which they called Crypto Art.

History Maker:

Curio Cards were once forgotten until 2021, when they rose to popularity. There was already a massive demand for these cards in a matter of months. His art for Curio Cards was auctioned at the world’s leading auction house, Christie’s. He is the first Filipino to have his art featured in Christie’s.

In March 2021, Luis Buenaventura sold his particular artwork called ‘Satoshi The Creator – Genesis’ as a digital item called NFT for a cost of around $400,000 or about PhP 19.5 million in the Philippines. The artwork was sold in 222 copies for $1,999 each or around PHP 97,000. He worked with a famous comic book artist, Jose Delbo, for this particular project.

Founder of BloomX and Cryptopop Art Guild:

Luis Buenaventura co-founded a crypto trading platform called BloomX based in the Philippines. It allows users to trade and buy over 250 types of digital money using Philippine Pesos.

The platform works smoothly with the help of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange. The application makes it easy for people to trade online without changing their money to US dollars. They can also withdraw in Pesos once the app is connected to a bank account or e-wallet.

Aside from BloomX, Luis Buenaventura also founded the Cryptopop Art Guild, a group supporting Filipino artists who may not have many opportunities. The guild helps these artists earn a steady income from their work. He also started a project called AxieArchipelago.org.

The website combines different groups and programs related to the game Axie Infinity in the Philippines. The goal of this is to unite the community and provide helpful information for players.

Country Manager of Yield Guild Games Pilipinas:

Luis Buenaventura is the country manager of YGG or “Yield Guild Games.” YGG helps people from countries like the Philippines to earn money by playing online games that use cryptocurrencies like Axie Infinity.

They provide resources and support to players that will help more and more people learn about cryptocurrencies and earn money through gaming.

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