Mike Ovecka: Gaming Industry Expert and Web3 eSports Leader at YGG

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Mike Ovecka Bio

Mike Ovecka’s Profile Bio:

Mike Ovecka is the Head of Esports of Yield Guild Games (YGG), a gaming company that builds play-to-earn games using Blockchain technology. With a strong foundation in the gaming industry, including working for a big game developer company like Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Ovecka brings a unique perspective to the world of blockchain and gaming.

Education and Previous Work:

Mike Ovecka graduated from the University of Dundee in Scotland, earning an honors degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Before he got into gaming, he worked as a Project Manager at an independent consulting company at, Cassis Consult S.R.O in Slovakia from 2014 to 2017.

His fascination with gaming dates back to his childhood, so it was no surprise that he immersed himself in gaming. His interest grew even more vital when he began working for an esports company.

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Program Manager at Blizzard Entertainment:

Mike Ovecka started working in the esports industry as the Program Manager for Hearthstone Esports at Blizzard Entertainment in 2017. Hearthstone Esports is a gaming scene centered around the digital card game “Hearthstone.” Professional players from around the world compete against each other in various tournaments.

Blizzard Entertainment is the company behind some of the most successful computer games in the world, such as Warcraft and Diablo. In his time at the company, Mike Ovecka earned skills and knowledge that allowed him to contribute to the development of the gaming scene.

Journey to Web3:

Mike Ovecka’s journey to Web3 began when he got curious about Bitcoin. As he continued learning about the digital currency, he discovered Ethereum and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) collectibles. His interest in NFT made sense because he remembered how much he liked playing card games as a child. Mike Ovecka’s first NFT project was the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult.

The YGG eSports leader believes that Web3 technology can change things. He is excited about its potential, especially now that it is still under development and people are still figuring out how things work in the space.

Mike, as Head of eSports at YGG:

In 2021, he pursued new opportunities and joined Yield Guild Games, the company headed by country manager Jose Luis Buenaventura, as the Head of Esports. Yield Guild Games, or YGG, is a leader in the changing world of web3 esports in the Philippines. They have been focusing on esports tournaments and player development.

Mike Ovecka manages the traditional aspects of esports while introducing the advantages of blockchain technology. This is to improve things for the players and those watching these tournaments.

As head of eSports at YGG, he is helping players build their careers in esports with games that will reward them with digital assets. He is bringing this innovative technology to improve the experience of gamers and spectators watching.

Mike Ovecka’s Vision for YGG:

Mike Ovecka has a big plan for the YGG’s future. He believes that Yield Guild Games will lead the world of Web3 in esports through exciting games, building solid teams, and continued innovation.

YGG focuses on a game called Axie Infinity Origins but is open to discovering new titles that can cater to competitive gaming. The company has top players in their “YGG Elitam ” and promising players in their “YGG Rising Stars” group.

Mike Ovecka believes in the importance of automatic payments and instant rewards after tournaments. This will set YGG’s Web3 esports apart from Web2 and be the company’s approach to rewarding high-skill players.

Mike is excited about the future and how YGG can make gaming even more, fun and rewarding.

Career Highlights:

Mike Ovecka said in an interview that the highlight of his career was collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the industry. He was inspired by these individuals who continue to improve Web3 and make the community better for everyone.

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