Chezka Gonzales: Filipina Pilot & Co-Convener of Philippine Blockchain Week

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Chezka Gonzales

Chezka Gonzales’ Profile Bio:

Chezka Gonzales, popularly known as Filipina Pilot Chezka, is an inspiring woman who has worn many hats. She is a co-convener of the Philippine Blockchain Week, Founder of Women of Substance NFT, Vice President of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines, and founding committee member of Women in Blockchain Asia.

Starting as a nurse and working her way up through roles as a flight attendant and eventually an airline pilot, she proudly serves as the President of Philippine Blockchain Technologies Inc.

Her story is a source of motivation for countless Filipino women, proving that determination can conquer any challenge life presents.

Resilience Amid Motherhood Challenges:

Chezka Gonzales is a mother of two who resides in Metro Manila. She has been open about her struggles as a teenage mom as she gave birth to her eldest son at 16.

She was a high school graduating student when she got pregnant. She kept it a secret from her parents until she started college for a few months and could no longer hide her pregnancy. She stopped schooling and went to a different university after giving birth.

Determined to finish college, Chezka Gonzales continued her studies. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Far Eastern University. But Chezka Gonzales got pregnant again with her second child before she graduated. She made it as an inspiration to pass the Nursing Licensure Examination.

Image Source: Chezka Gonzales, Web3 Enthusiast & PBW Co-Convener

From Nurse to Flight Attendant to Airbus Pilot:

Chezka Gonzales became a licensed nurse. However, her dreams of working in aviation were still alive. As a kid, she always wanted to be in the aviation industry as she loves traveling because of the influence of her father, who is also in the same industry.

Chezka Gonzales started her aviation journey working as a Flight Attendant at Air Asia, the biggest low-cost airline in Southeast Asia. She decided to study flying in her fourth year as a cabin crew. She spent her days off in flying school.

Chezka Gonzales then received an Airbus scholarship from the airline company. She eventually received her Airbus A320 rating and became a first officer.

However, fate had other plans. The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the aviation industry, resulting in losing her job.

Businesswoman and Content Creator:

When the pandemic shut down the airline companies, Chezka Gonzales ventured into business. She began selling various delectable food and beauty products and experimented with other business ventures.

Chezka Gonzales became an active content creator also. She shares her journey and tips on becoming a pilot on her social media accounts. She has more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 280,000 followers on TikTok.

Chezka Gonzales is part of Viva Communications Inc., a top multi-media agency in the country, as a content creator. Her story has been featured in different endorsement campaigns, including ones for Nescafe PH and MetroBank.

Founder & Co-Convener of Philippine Blockchain Week:

Chezka Gonzales is indeed a woman of determination. After many setbacks, she diverted to a different industry and made the most of it. She was instrumental in the foundation of the Philippine Blockchain Week alongside prominent names in the technology sector, such as Dr. Donald Lim.

Chezka Gonzales received a scholarship from Nas Daily, the world-famous content creator known for his 1-minute videos. The program taught them about Blockchain, Web3, Cryptocurrency, and all other related information.

From there, she traveled to different countries, immersed herself in these technologies, and met different people in the space. One day, she thought of using her network to help Filipinos.

She learned that Korea Blockchain Week is already in its fifth year and decided to do the same in the Philippines. In May 2022, she used all her contacts, from content creators to business leaders, and launched the Philippine Blockchain Week.

The Philippine Blockchain Week brought blockchain leaders and prominent personalities worldwide to the Philippines. The event generated employment opportunities and assisted numerous businesses in the country.

Image Source: Philippine Blockchain Council at PBW 2023

The most recent Philippine Blockchain Week occurred at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Newport World Resorts Manila, on September 19 to 21, 2023.

Chezka Gonzales is also the internal Vice President of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines. She is also a consultant for Tier One Entertainment.

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