Francis M’s Alleged Lover Abegail Rait & Daughter Appears on Pinoy Pawnstars

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Francis M

Francis M and Abegail Rait’s Alleged Daughter

Francis Magalona’s alleged lover, Abegail Rait, appeared in one of the most popular shows in the country, Pinoy Pawnstars, hosted by Boss Toyo, and made explosive revelations about Francis M and Abegail’s daughter.

Abegail Rait, the alleged former lover of the late Pinoy Master Rapper Francis Magalona, resurfaced on social media as he appeared on Pinoy Pawnstars and introduced Gail “Cheska” Francesca, allegedly Francis M’s daughter.

The Pinoy Pawnstars episode aired on Facebook, and various social media accounts of the vlogger went viral immediately after it was posted and generated more than 11 million views on Facebook alone since it was published.

The controversial appearance of Abegail Rait, the woman claiming to be the ex-lover of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) “King of Rap” Francis Magalona, and their alleged daughter, went public a few hours ago to sell a priceless jersey to Boss Toyo.

Image Source: Francis Magalona and Abegail Rait’s Alleged Relationship

According to Abegail, during the exclusive episode of Pinoy Pawnstars, the Francis M’s jersey they were selling was priceless. Still, they wanted somebody to care for the things left to them and preserve the precious memorabilia.

Abigail Rait revealed the backstory behind the controversial jersey as she was quoted saying, “Nakita niyo naman sa letter na may ‘I love you so much,’ so meaning to say may relationship,” Abigail said.

The alleged ex-lover of Francis Magalona was referring to the photo of Francis and Abigail with the letter from Francis saying “I love you” to Abigail.

Abigail Rait, a former flight attendant, said that she met Francis M. when she watched “Eat Bulaga” live, and according to her, Francis sought her number after she watched the show.

Image Source: Abegail Rait’s Expose on Alleged Relationship

The alleged romantic relationships then started and eventually produced Gail Francheska, whom the late master rapper himself allegedly named.

Abegail noted they were in a relationship in 2007 when Francis M discovered he had cancer.

“Sobrang gumuho talaga ‘yung mundo ko nu’ng time na ‘yon kasi okay kami, andami naming plano tapos bigla siyang nagkasakit,” she said.

“Ang pinakamahirap na part is ‘yung situation ko. Hindi ka pwedeng lumabas, ayoko namang dagdagan pa kasi may sakit na,” she added.

Image Source: Francis M’s Alleged Relationship with Abegail Rait

Boss Toyo and his wife were shocked by the unexpected revelations from a visitor whom they did not expect would bring something so memorable from Francis M. However, the story behind the precious memorabilia was first shown in an episode of Pinoy Pawnstars.

“For 15 years nanahimik ako. I didn’t say anything about me and my daughter. Siguro ito naman, ito lang ‘yung karapatan na pwede kong magawa para sa (anak namin),” she said.

“I know people will judge me, but we exist. What we had is real. Me and my daughter (are) real, mahal niya kami,” she added.

Watch the Pinoy Pawnstars Episode Featuring Francis M’s Alleged Daugther

At the show’s end, Boss Toyo bought the jersey for P500,000. It was sold from an initial offer made by Abigail worth around P700,000.00. The Magalona family has not released any official statement regarding the latest explosive expose about their alleged daughter.

Boss Toyo is best known in the industry as the vlogger behind Pinoy Pawnstars, and he made some headlines years back when he bought another Francis M’s memorabilia after he won the bidding for the Bagsakan polo worth P620,000 for the benefit of Parokya’s guitarist Gab Chee Kee, who was battling lymphoma.

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