Justin Wee: NexHire COO and Co-Founder

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Justin Wee

Justin Wee’s Profile Bio:

Justin Wee is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Co-Founder of NexHire, a gamified talent marketplace incubated by Archipelago Labs. He is a 20-year-old from Cebu City, Philippines, who embodies the spirit of a young and passionate entrepreneur. 

NexHire leverages a bounty system to reward all contributors in the hiring process. Justin (Lim) Wee has built and engaged in multiple social advocacies and empowered marginalized communities. 

One of Justin Wee’s many passion projects includes Juan PH, a short-term relief operation for the victims of Typhoon Odette in the Philippines.

Educational Journey:

Justin Wee is a De La Salle University undergraduate majoring in Accountancy. 

Justin’s commitment to education and entrepreneurship reflects Justin’s dedication to personal development and lifelong learning.

Professional Experience:

Justin (Lim) Wee serves as the Chief Operations Officer of NexHire, a game-changing talent marketplace. 

Image Source: Justin Wee, COO and Co-Founder of HexHire

This platform leverages a unique bounty system to reward all contributors in the hiring process, promoting community-driven hiring in the tech startup ecosystem.

NexHire is incubated by Archipelago Labs, an incubation program initiated by Web3 personalities like Nichel Gaba from PDAX. It aims to incentivize specialized communities and super connectors to refer top talents to tech startups. 

Justin and his co-founders are determined to streamline recruitment and empower job seekers and employers. 

Justin Wee has also served as a Student Venture Partner at Fastwire PH, an innovative SaaS solution that automates and digitizes end-to-end financial workflows. 

Juan PH:

Justin Wee used his entrepreneurial skills to make a positive impact on the society. One of his notable passion projects, “Juan PH,” a short-term relief operation for the victims of Typhoon Odette in the Philippines in 2021.

Justin and his team distributed more than $20,000 worth of aid to over ten communities in the Visayas-Mindanao region, providing essential assistance to the marginalized and vulnerable.


NexHire, previously known as Web3 Jobs Asia, is a community-driven talent marketplace centered in the growing tech ecosystem of Southeast Asia (SEA). Together with CEO Ritch Traballo and CTO Gabriel Fordan, co-founded one of the most promising startups in the Philippines, NexHire.

Contributed Photo: NexHire Co-Founders Gabriel Fordan, Ritch Traballo & Justin Wee

The recruitment platform aims to help startups scale and expand their teams by tapping into specialized communities and super connectors who can refer top-tier talent.

Under NexHire’s founders, including Justin Wee, the company is poised to disrupt the traditional hiring process. 

NexHire is among the five selected for Archipelago Lab’s Incubation program, making it part of a groundbreaking wave of innovation in the tech industry.

NexHire is a career partner for Web3 gaming-focused guilds like Yield Guild Games (YGG). Even in its nascent stage, NexHire is making waves by procuring talents for tech and Web3 startups. 

The startup is actively raising funds to expand its team and launch its beta platform, setting the stage for even more outstanding achievements in the future.

Justin’s Youthful Innovation:

Justin Wee and his co-founders at NexHire represent the spirit of youthful innovation. 

Despite being the youngest cohorts in Archipelago Lab’s incubation program, their determination and vision have led to the development of a platform that promises to change how startups hire talent in Southeast Asia. 

Justin’s story is an inspiring example of what can be achieved through dedication, innovation, and a deep commitment to positively impacting society.

With NexHire’s continued dedication and Justin’s commitment to social advocacy, there’s no doubt the future holds more accomplishments for this entrepreneur and the platform he’s co-created. 

Justin (Lim) Wee is an example of how today’s youth reshape the future and break barriers in the emerging tech industry.

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