Office of the President Releases Statement for Not Including EDSA in 2024 National Holidays

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Office of the President

Office of the President Explains Non-Inclusion of EDSA Anniversary:

The Office of the President released an official statement regarding the controversial non-inclusion of the EDSA People Power Revolution in the 2024 Philippine National Holidays.

According to the Office of the President, EDSA People Power Revolution was not included in the list of holidays for 2024 because it falls on a Sunday.

“The Office of the President maintains the respect for the commemoration of the EDSA People Power Revolution,” OP said.

“However, such was not included in the list of special non-working days for the year 2024 as February 25 falls on a Sunday,” it explained.

The Office of the President added further that “There is a minimal socio-economic impact in declaring such [a] day as a special non-working holiday since it coincides with the rest day for most workers [or] laborers.”

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Philippine President Bongbong Marcos earlier identified the dates of Regular and Non-Working Holidays through Proclamation Number 368.

The Proclamation released a few days ago, included all the usual holidays except the EDSA People Power Revolution anniversary.

In a follow-up report by Inquirer, they asked the Palace why the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, which also falls on a Sunday on December 8, was still included in the list of holidays.

The Office of the President clarified that the law mandates it. “The December 8 holiday is by law. The EDSA Holiday is by virtue of an Executive Order,” Presidential Communications Office Secretary Cheloy Garafil clarified.

Rep. Lagman Condemned Marcos’ Non-Inclusion of EDSA Holiday:

Liberal Party President and one of the most vocal critics of the Marcos administration, First District of Albay Representative Edcel Lagman, condemned the decision of the President for not including the EDSA anniversary in the list of national holidays.

Rep. Lagman stated, “The inordinate arrogance of the second Marcos administration in failing to celebrate February 25 as a regular public holiday is a continuing distortion of the verities about the evils and repression of the Marcos martial era,” Lagman said.

According to Lagman, the date, February 25 EDSA Anniversary, commemorates the success of Filipinos in ousting former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., the father of the incumbent President, from his office as the country’s chief executive in 1986.

EDSA Anniversary in 2023:

Last year, President Bongbong Marcos declared February 24, 2023, as a special non-working holiday commemorating the EDSA Revolution.

Pres. Marcos moved the February 25 holiday to February 24 “to enable our countrymen to avail of the benefits of a longer weekend pursuant to the principle of holiday economics… provided that the historical significance of the EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary is maintained.”

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