Yexel Sebastian & Mikee Agustin Allegedly Fled to Japan Amid P200M Scam Allegations

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Yexel Sebastian

Yexel Sebastian & Mikee Agustin Allegedly Fled to Japan:

Yexel Sebastian, a veteran vlogger, well-known Filipino toy collector, and influencer who allegedly fled to Japan with his wife Mikee Agustin, is now involved in controversial transactions as they were accused of defrauding approximately P200 million.

The prominent vlogger couple Yexel Sebastian and his wife Mikee Agustin allegedly victimized some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and other investors here in the Philippines.

The alleged victims claimed that Yexel Sebastian and Mikee Agustin lured them into investing substantial sums of money as a form of investment, promising monthly payouts of 3%-5%.

During the statement released by the victims when they visited Raffy Tulfo in Action TV show, some victims were asked for a minimum deposit of PHP1 million, and others invested P200,000 minimum.

In a follow-up video posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action, Sen. Raffy Tulfo revealed that Yexel Sebastian and Mikee Agustin were spotted flying a Cebu Pacific flight to Japan.

Image Source: Yexel Sebastian Appeared on Raffy Tulfo in Action

According to the Bureau of Immigration (BOC), they allowed the couple to leave the country because no legal actions had been filed against them yet.

Yexel Sebastian made a name for himself in social media because of his toy collections and being a brother of YouTuber Jam Sebastian. He has over 4.7 million followers on Facebook and 799K subscribers on YouTube, garnering over 99 million views.

Yexel’s wife, Mikee Agustin, is an online influencer who first started as a member of the all-girl group Girltrends in the famous noontime show It’s Showtime.

Scam Allegations Against Yexel & Mikee:

The alleged victims of Yexel Sebastian and Mikee Agustin appeared in one of the episodes of Senator Raffy Tulfo’s popular TV show, “Raffy Tulfo in Action,” to file a complaint against the vlogger.

The viral segment featured victims who claimed that Yexel Sebastian and Mikee Agustin influenced them to invest substantial sums of money.

Watch the Video Posted by Raffty Tulfo in Action:

Based on the victims’ statements, some were required to deposit a minimum of PHP1 Million, while others had PHP200,000 minimum.

The victims claimed that they only discovered the situations in which the couple victimized them when Yexel did not release the promised income from their investments.

During the appearance of the victims in the TV show, they noted that they provided a contract labeled “contract of loan” instead of an investment contract. An Attorney had notarized the said paper.

According to the allegations presented, Yexel and Mikee accumulated approximately PHP200 Million, with most victims being Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Part 2 of the Raffy Tulfo’s Show About Yexel & Mikee:

It was also discovered during the show that Yexel Sebastian appeared briefly, claiming he was also a victim of the said investment opportunity, and pinpointed a certain Hector Pantollana as one of the people involved in the alleged scam.

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