Chowking Crew Went Viral for Alleged Alarming System of the Chain

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Chowking Crew

Chowking Crew Went Door-to-Door to Improve Sales

A Chowking crew went viral on social media after a video of her going house to house to convince customers to buy from the store was posted on TikTok and became the latest talk of the town for the past few days.

A post on TikTok by social media user Cabral Maria caught the attention of netizens as they learned about an alleged alarming system of Chowking Philippines in improving their sales.

The viral video was reportedly taken from a subdivision near a Chowking branch in Davao City.

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Based on the conversation in the viral video, there’s a Chowking franchise in Davao where employees are tasked with door-to-door marketing and delivery to boost the franchise’s sales.

Image source: Chowking crew that went viral on social media

According to the Chowking crew, identified as Shiela, the strategy to go door-to-door is their response to the poor sales of the company she worked for, and it’s their way of boosting their sales.

The conversation in Cebuano also revealed that the Chowking crew needed to pay for the public transportation fare once they decided to take a jeepney or tricycle.

The Chowking service crew even told her prospective customers that they needed to accomplish their daily quota sales of ₱6,000, and during that time of their encounter, the Chowking crew only managed to get ₱2,000.

The video uploader even noted that it took 15 minutes for the crew to retrieve and deliver the orders to the customers. She also pointed out the lack of water provision amid the intense and hot weather in the area.

Watch the Viral Chowking Video

@cabralmaria__ lets do better, and treat are servers fairly! 😕 #davao #fastfood ♬ original sound – maria cabral &lt3

Although the video seems controversial because it involves one of the most prominent fast food chains in the Philippines, the uploader clarified that she just presented the crew’s situation to seek assistance and shed light on this alleged alarming system of Chowking.

In a separate unconfirmed news on Twitter, the Chowking crew was reportedly fired from the company she worked for after the video went viral.

Image source: Twitter post about the dismissal of the Chowking crew

Update: The management of Chowking released an official statement regarding the incident and the viral video on social media. A video posted on Facebook earlier was already deleted, but the TikTok video is still available online.

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