Dick Chiang: CEO and CTO of DragonPay

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Dick Chiang

Dick Chiang’s Profile Bio

Robertson Chiang, also known as Dick Chiang, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of DragonPay as he stands at the forefront of the digital revolution in the Philippines.

Dick Ching is a seasoned IT and FinTech entrepreneur; his leadership has propelled DragonPay, the company he founded in 2010, to greater heights. 

Dragonpay is the local leader in alternative payments, supporting various channels ranging from cash payments to online banking, ATMs, mobile payments, and international remittance.

Dick has a mission to make e-commerce payments as accessible to as many people as possible, given the challenge of low credit card and banking penetration in a country of over 100 million people.

Image source: Dick Chiang, CEO and CTO of Dragonpay

Educational Background

Dick Chiang started his academic journey with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree, earning the Computer Science Department Award from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1991. 

The brilliant student then pursued an MBA at the Babson Graduate School of Business in Massachusetts, USA, focusing on entrepreneurship. 

Aside from online payments, Dick’s knowledge spans computer programming, Internet Protocol (IP)-based technologies, and computer telephony.

Dick Chiang’s current interests include Data Science, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing. 

He enjoys traveling in unfamiliar places, reflecting his adventurous spirit and open-minded approach to life.

Professional Experience

Robertson “Dick” Chiang is more than an entrepreneur; he is a trailblazer in the Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines (DCOM). 

As the founding director and the current Vice President, Dick plays a pivotal role in shaping e-commerce in the country. 

DCOM, a trade association comprising key players in the Philippine e-commerce industry, strives to foster growth through programs, education, and government representation.

Dick’s role as Founder, CEO, and CTO of DragonPay Corporation

DragonPay was Established in 2010 and swiftly emerged as the pioneer and leader in alternative payments for the Philippine market. 

DragonPay is a trusted payment partner for major local and international merchants and government agencies.

Dick Chiang was also former President at Mozcom Inc from January 1999 to May 2012.


Dick’s role as Founder, CEO, and CTO of DragonPay Corporation is a testament to his commitment to transforming e-commerce payments. 

Image source: Dragonpay CEO & Founder Dick Chiang

Dragonpay is the Pioneer and Leader in Alternative Payments for the Philippine E-Commerce Market. 

Acknowledging the challenge posed by low credit card and banking penetration, DragonPay offers many alternative payment channels, including cash payments, online banking, ATM, mobile payments, and international remittance.

The platform’s rise to prominence was meteoric, experiencing exponential growth in monthly transactions within a year of going full-time. 

As the largest locally-based payment channel in the Philippines, DragonPay’s secure and convenient payment solutions have played a pivotal role in advancing e-commerce, fostering a thriving online marketplace, and empowering merchants and consumers.

DragonPay is the only Philippine-based PayPal Platinum Partner.  DragonPay’s alternative payment solutions have become integral to any online selling strategy in a country with low credit card and banking penetration.


As a founding director and Vice President of DCOM, Dick Chiang is involved in steering the organization towards its goals. 

DCOM envisions making Filipino merchants globally competitive in digital commerce by establishing standards and advocating for best practices.

The company is also teaching Filipino Merchants how to leverage digital commerce properly and partnering with the government to shape sound policies. DCOM is Making the Philippine digital commerce industry attractive for trade and investment.

Dick Chiang’s dual role as a driving force behind DragonPay and a key figure in DCOM underscores his dedication to propelling the Philippines into the digital future. 

Dick Chiang reflects a broader commitment to fostering an ecosystem where digital commerce can thrive.

A relentless pursuit of excellence marks Robertson “Dick” Chiang’s journey, a commitment to e-commerce, and a visionary approach to shaping the digital future of the Philippines.

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