Digital Banking Redefine by GoTyme with Phygital Approach

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Digital Banking Redefine by GoTyme

Digital Banking Redefine by GoTyme using a New Approach

Gokongwei Group introduces GoTyme, which is at the forefront of transforming the banking landscape in the Philippines by introducing an innovative “Phygital” approach that seamlessly combines the convenience of digital banking with the reassuring human touch of physical interactions. This novel banking experience is redefining the way Filipinos manage their finances.

GoTyme is a new digital bank with a unique approach as they entice potential customers to set up an account in under five minutes by utilizing the app and completing the process. Those who want to register must visit a physical GoTyme kiosk located in any Robinsons supermarket nationwide.

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App-Based Account Setup and Personalized Physical Cards

Customers can initiate their banking journey with GoTyme in minutes by downloading the user-friendly app. The digital onboarding process is quick and straightforward, allowing users to set up accounts swiftly.

What sets GoTyme apart is its integration of physical kiosks strategically located within Robinsons supermarkets nationwide. These kiosks are pivotal in providing customers with an instant, personalized, metallic-sheened card bearing their name. This tangible card enhances the banking experience and offers a sense of security.

Dedicated Ambassadors for Personalized Assistance

GoTyme’s commitment to exceptional customer service is evident through its deployment of knowledgeable “ambassadors” stationed alongside the kiosks.

These ambassadors are readily available to assist customers, address inquiries, and offer guidance, ensuring customers feel supported and comfortable throughout the account setup process.

The human interaction adds a crucial layer of trust and accessibility to the digital banking experience.

Comprehensive Financial Features

GoTyme’s app boasts various financial features designed to cater to diverse customer needs. Users can seamlessly make payments using QR Ph codes, settle bills, and enjoy a maximum transaction limit of P500,000, providing flexibility and convenience in their financial transactions.

QR payments and in-store card payments of up to ₱250,000 per day enhance the usability of the GoTyme card.

Go Savings and Go Rewards

GoTyme introduces enticing incentives for users. “Go Savings” offers an attractive 5% annual interest rate, an early bird advantage expected to adjust as the user base expands.

Additionally, the “Go Rewards” program allows users to accumulate points, with 10,000 points being redeemable for a substantial ₱8,000 reward, making the banking experience more rewarding.

Robust Security Measures

Security is paramount for GoTyme, and they have implemented comprehensive measures to protect users. Partnerships with global leaders like Actimize facilitate transaction fraud detection.

GoTyme also employs SonarQube to continuously monitor their systems for vulnerabilities and swiftly address any issue. Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), GoTyme taps into Amazon’s extensive team of security experts and certifications, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.

Partnership with Gokongwei Group

Originally known as “Tyme” in South Africa, GoTyme’s rebranding began after partnering with the esteemed Gokongwei Group in the Philippines.

This collaboration has allowed GoTyme to bring its innovative “Phygital” banking model to Filipino customers. Christopher John Bennet, GoTyme’s CTO, emphasizes the applicability of lessons from South Africa’s cybersecurity landscape to their operations in the Philippines.

Commitment to Exceptional Customer Support

In an era marked by cybercrimes, GoTyme stands out for its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to customer service. The bank assures users that they will always have access to real humans for assistance through chat, email, or phone support.

This personal touch ensures that concerns are promptly addressed, reflecting GoTyme’s dedication to providing a secure and seamless banking experience.

Image source: Christopher John Bennet, CTO GoTyme Bank, Philippines

In an interview with Manila Bulletin, Christopher John Bennet, chief technology officer of GoTyme Bank, Philippines, said, “Within five minutes, you have a working bank account straight away. […] So many people are into digital – digital natives are happy to open an account online, but these kiosks just open us up to many more types of people: People who are, perhaps, scared of their phone, they see this kiosk and see an ambassador standing by, they think ‘oh I can just ask a question’ or ‘I can talk to someone and get a bit more comfortable.'”

GoTyme Partners

Leading companies partnered with GoTyme to provide better services, namely Robinsons Supermarket, Easymart, The Marketplace, Shopwise, Robinsons Department Store, Toys R Us, Rose Pharmacy, Southstar Drug, DAISO Japan, Robinsons Appliances, Savers Appliances, No Brand, Handyman, True Value, Super 50, Pet Lovers Centre, and Cebu Pacific.

Image source: GoTyme’s Partners

The Phygital Approach

Digital banking is redefined by GoTyme’s “Phygital” approach which blends the best of both digital and physical banking worlds, positioning it as a transformative force in the Philippine banking sector. With its robust security measures, innovative features, and dedication to customer support, GoTyme is poised to shape the future of banking in the Philippines.

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