Inspiring Story of Jojie Papillera, Former Vendor Turns CPA

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Jojie Papillera

Inspiring Story of a Former Vegetable Vendor & Snacks Who Graduated Cum Laude Now a CPA

Jojie Papillera is a former vegetable vendor in the morning and seller of typical Pinoy snacks in the afternoon inspired netizens because of her extraordinary journey from being a vendor, graduated Cum Laude, and now is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Strong determination and dedication propelled former vendor Jojie Macaraeg Papillera to succeed in her endeavors as she shared the story behind her success as an Accountancy graduate.

As a student, the inspiring story of the vegetable vendor proved once and for all that if students understand that completing their education can be the key to improving their own or their family’s circumstances, they will surely succeed with the guidance of God.

Jojie Papillera’s story continues to motivate students as she recounts how she managed to fund her studies through her efforts, including selling snacks like turon and many more Pinoy foods.

Image source: Jojie Papillera, from a vendor to CPA passer

According to the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy graduate in 2018, her family endured extreme poverty during her childhood, to the point where she prayed for even just three grains of rice.

The CPA-passer told her story in a lengthy post last April 17, 2018, before she passed the CPA board exam conducted last September-October 2023.

At ten, she started assisting her parents in selling snacks to make ends meet. From elementary school to high school and college, Jogie Papillera worked tirelessly to support her education financially.

She typically sold Filipino snacks like turon, carioca, and lumpia. Armed with just two baskets, a liter of vinegar, and her backpack, she sold snacks.

Even when her arms and legs would tremble under the weight she carried, she pressed on because of her unwavering determination to make sales.

The student vendor also shared that there were times when fellow students would mock and ridicule her, but she paid no heed to them and continued her honorable livelihood. She held her head high, as what mattered most to her was supporting her family and completing her education.

The accountancy graduate had merely dreamt of finishing her education, but her hard work, perseverance, and determination led her to graduate as a cum laude.

She proudly held a plastic basket containing the merchandise in her graduation photo.

“I was just a snack vendor, but I graduated from college and am close to becoming a CPA. If life is tough, we shouldn’t give up. There’s still a way. Sometimes, we need to go through hardships and pain before we learn,” she shared in her lengthy Facebook post.

“Don’t be afraid, and hold on to your faith. No matter your intelligence, you will only achieve much with hard work, dedication, and determination. Let’s accompany everything we do with LOVE and offer all our struggles and efforts to the Lord, and He will bless us.”

Five years have passed, and if we were to check Jogie’s social media, we could see that she is content with the direction of her life, especially with her loved one by her side.

Furthermore, Papillera became a certified public accountant after passing the September-October 2023 Accountancy Board exam.

Image source: Jojie Papillera as a CPA

Jojie Papillera Showing Gratitude for Her Success

In the October post by Jojie Papillera, she expressed her gratitude towards the people who inspired her to work hard and strive to be an inspiring member of the community.

Jojie Papillera shared her journey from being a vegetable vendor in the morning to a snack seller in the afternoon, eventually achieving the remarkable feat of becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Despite facing numerous challenges, including a failed attempt at the CPA board exam, she persevered, guided by their faith and determination.

She once again highlighted her life events, such as becoming a youth servant and coordinator and being actively involved in church activities. She also emphasizes the importance of remaining committed to one’s calling, even when it seems overwhelming. Her story showcased unwavering trust in God and dedication to serving others.

Despite a busy schedule and various responsibilities, Jojie pursued her dream of becoming a CPA. She shared her struggles, including juggling work and review preparations, yet remained committed. Her story culminates in a huge success, passing the CPA board exam, attributing her achievement to her faith and God’s guidance.

In summary, Jojie Papillera’s heartfelt story of resilience, faith, and determination shows how a protagonist overcame challenges to achieve her dream of becoming a CPA, all while remaining dedicated to her faith and service to others.

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