KathNiel Confirms Breakup, Ends 11 Year Relationship

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KathNiel Breakup Went Viral on Social Media

Kapamilya stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, popularly known as KathNiel, have officially confirmed the end of their 11-year romantic relationship. Both Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla issued separate statements confirming the breakup.

The announcement came through an emotional Instagram post by Bernardo, in which she shared a heartfelt message and an old photo featuring the two of them.

In her Instagram statement, Bernardo expressed her desire to close this chapter in their lives, hoping it would help them and their fans move forward. She emphasized that this would be her only public comment on the matter, addressing the rumors and speculations that had circulated in recent weeks.

Image source: KathNiel Breakup confirmed by Kathryn and Daniel

“Chapter closed. I hope this finally helps all of us move forward,” Kathryn wrote, adding this will be the only time she will talk about the issue. The statement made by the actress is one of the most viral social media posts on Instagram today that most Filipino fans of KathNiel recognize.

Kathryn Bernardo, who has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 21 years, highlighted her journey as part of KathNiel, a beloved onscreen and offscreen couple. She stressed her commitment to authenticity, asserting her independence in various aspects of life, including her career and personal choices.

Acknowledging the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the public eye, Kathryn Bernardo disclosed that she and Daniel Padilla or the KathNiel love team had decided to part ways.

She defended the authenticity of their love, stating that it was never for show, fans, or financial gain. Instead, their love was genuine and had brought them joy, adventure, and a sense of belonging for over a decade.

Bernardo also expressed her gratitude to their devoted fans, Kathniels, urging them not to take sides or contribute to the family’s fragmentation. She closed her statement by thanking Daniel Padilla for the eleven (11) wonderful years they shared and the love he had given her.

Daniel Padilla’s Response

On his own Instagram, Daniel Padilla shared his thoughts, emphasizing the significance of love in life’s limited time. He expressed gratitude for the love he received and transmitted, underscoring its importance and impact on their journey together.

Image source: Daniel Padilla’s statement on Instagram

Confirming their separation marks a significant moment in the lives of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, who have been a prominent couple in the Philippines’ entertainment industry for years.

Fans and the public alike have followed their relationship with great interest, and this announcement brings both sadness and reflection on their decade-long love story.

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