Kim Dotcom Helps Expose Significant Military Technology

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Kim Dotcom,

Kim Dotcom and Ashton Forbes’ Expose

Controversial online personality Kim Dotcom helped expose a significant leak of military technology through his official Twitter account. The leak evidence was first spotted on Twitter by citizen journalist Ashton Forbes, also known as JustXAshton.

The leaked evidence about an alleged Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) came from a 2014 suggestion that the US military possesses advanced technology that operates with gravity propulsion, incredible speed, maneuverability, and the ability to create portals.

The evidence was filmed from multiple surveillance platforms, including US spy satellites and a military drone, making it difficult to debunk. If this technology is real, it has significant implications for global security, potentially rendering nuclear deterrence ineffective.

Image source: Image of the Controversial Malaysia Airlines in Kim Dotcom’s Twitter Post

Furthermore, the exposé shared by Kim Dotcom on Twitter raises questions about the disappearance of flight MH370, suggesting that this technology may have been involved.

The leaked video evidence, which has recently gained wider attention due to an investigation by @JustXAshton, has reignited discussions surrounding UFOs and military technology. Many people are already familiar with the “TicTac UFO” videos filmed by US Navy jets in 2004. Still, the 2014 evidence seems to suggest that this technology has been in the possession of the US military for a much more extended period.

This evidence is compelling because it was captured from three different surveillance platforms simultaneously, including two US spy satellites and one US military drone. The fact that the physics and characteristics of the UFOs align from multiple angles makes it highly challenging to dismiss as a hoax or fabrication.

Watch the Video Expose by Ashton Forbes

Kim Dotcom Helps Spread Awareness About UFO’s Expose by Ashton Forbes

The potential implications of this revelation are immense. If this advanced technology is real, it could undermine non-US nations’ traditional nuclear deterrence strategies.

These UFOs can travel at speeds surpassing any missile and create portals, enabling the disappearance of planes, missiles, submarines, or satellites.

One of the most controversial aspects of this discovery is the alleged connection to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Conspiracy theories have long surrounded the vanishing of the passenger plane, and the suggestion that this advanced technology may have played a role adds a new layer of intrigue and speculation.

Despite attempts to debunk the video evidence, the debunking efforts have yet to be considered credible. The leaked information has entered the public domain, sparking widespread interest and discussions.

It remains to be seen how the US government will respond, and whether further investigations will shed more light on this mysterious technology.

Please watch the video for a more in-depth exploration of the evidence and its potential implications.

Developments in this story are being closely monitored, and it has the potential to reshape our understanding of military capabilities and the mysteries surrounding UFOs and unexplained phenomena.

Source: Kim Dotcom’s Twitter Post

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