Henry James Banayat: Diretor of Business Development at Bitshares Labs Inc. (BLINC)

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Henry James Banayat

Henry James Banayat’s Profile Bio

Henry James Banayat, is the Director of Business Development at Bitshares Labs Inc. (BLINC). He is from Baguio City in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines. 

Henry James Banayat has over two decades of IT experience with a strong background in computer science, web development, software design, and digital marketing. 

He is passionate about sharing knowledge in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and Web3 through paid webinars, consultations, and mentorship programs. 

Henry James Banayat is an HP LIFE Mentor and the collaboration contact for Compumatrix and Banayat Holdings. His mission is to enhance productivity and improve lives through technology.

Image source: Henry James Banayat, Director at BLINC

Educational Background and Volunteerism

Henry studied Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Lorma Colleges from 1992 to 1996. His formative years at Saint Louis College(1990-19920 and Saint Louis University (1988-1990).

Henry is also involved with IEEE, one of the world’s largest professional associations dedicated to technological innovation. 

Henry James Banayat also contributes to Habitat for Humanity International by participating in community development projects. 

He engaged in bloodletting projects, community feeding programs, and medical and dental missions.

He was a Volunteer for translating app languages to Filipino at Transifex and an Education Volunteer at Nepris Inc., Teaching STEM topics and other emerging technologies to K12.

Professional Odyssey

Henry James Banayat has a career spanning more than 20 years and has been a driving force behind several ventures. 

Henry is the Director of Business Development at Bitshares Labs Inc. since May 2019. He is vital in steering the company’s growth in the competitive Web3 and cryptocurrency space.

Henry is the Chief Strategy Officer at Banayat Holdings OPC, a company focused on investing in tech companies and blockchain technology firms. 

Henry also led to the founding of HJB Ventures, a Peer-to-Peer Digital Currency Liquidity Provider and Market Maker on the Bitshares Blockchain.

He worked at Compumatrix for 18 years as Executive Managing Director and founder, Chief Finance Officer, Founder, Chairman, Chief Operations Officer, Founder, Chairman, Chief Operations Officer, Managing Director, and Founder.

Henry was the former President of Compumatrix and Networks Interactive, Inc., where he guided a community of individuals with shared interests in leveraging Information Technology for transformative purposes.

Image source: Henry James Banayat and Luis Buenaventura

Bitshares Labs Inc. (BLINC)

Henry James Banayat plays an important role in crafting the BLINC‘s success. This startup web development company, set in the backdrop of pine trees in Baguio City, specializes in delivering blockchain-centric solutions for Philippine businesses.

BLINC’s story is intertwined with the evolution of BitShares, an open-source financial services platform launched in 2014. 

BitShares, with its smart contracts and decentralized exchange secured by the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus protocol, is the backbone of BLINC’s innovative projects.

One of BLINC’s initiatives was an online platform connecting sellers and customers, offering a way to communicate and identify drop-off points for parcels in Baguio City. 

HJB Ventures

Founded in 2021 by Henry James Banayat, HJB Ventures is a distinguished peer-to-peer digital currency liquidity provider and market maker dedicated to user-issued assets on the Bitshares Blockchain. 

Spearheading liquidity and market-making opportunities, HJB Ventures specializes in P2P Exchange, Liquidity Pools, Market Making, Cryptocurrency Marketing, and Token-based Crowdfunding. Discover how your UIA can achieve sustainability by reaching out to us today.

Forward-Thinking Mission

Henry Banayat has a passion for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the Web. Henry Banayat commits to sharing knowledge through webinars, consultations, and mentorship programs.

As the collaboration contact for Compumatrix and Banayat Holdings, Henry engages in various crypto projects and funding rounds for MSMEs.

Henry James Banayat stands as a beacon of inspiration in the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 and cryptocurrency.

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