Jason Dela Rosa: Founder of Bounceback PH, Ark of Dreams & Co-Founder of KITA PH

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Jason Dela Rosa

Jason Dela Rosa’s Profile Bio

Jason Dela Rosa is the founder of BouncebackPh and Ark of Dreams. He also co-founded KitaPh. He is a veteran agritech advocate, venture builder, entrepreneur, and prominent author. 

As an Agritech Advocate, Venture Builder, and Author, Jason’s Del Rosa multifaceted career has left an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With a career spanning 20+ years, Jason Dela Rosa has transformed those experiences into valuable lessons for others. 

Jason’s dedication to helping others succeed in his authored works, particularly “The Practical Entrepreneur,” helped startups and business owners succeed. 

Image source: Jason Dela Rosa, Founder of BounceBack Ph & Ark of Dreams

Education and Entrepreneurial Journey

Jason Dela Rosa holds a BS in Management Information Systems at Ateneo de Manila University in 1995-1999.

Jason’s skill set includes Business Development, MySQL, Programming, Systems Analysis, and Entrepreneurship. 

Jason’s journey as an Entrepreneur began after graduating with a BS in Management Information Systems from Ateneo de Manila University.

His spirit led him to launch one of the first e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, The Filipino Gifts.

Over the years, Jason has emerged as a mentor to budding entrepreneurs and MSMEs, sharing his insights to guide them through the complexities of business ownership.

Professional Experience

Jason Dela Rosa is the Founder and Chairman of Innovative Impact Ventures, Inc. (Innoventures Group). Jason oversees a staggering portfolio of over 30 ventures and brands.

These ventures span significant industries such as eHealth, eSports, eCommerce, Food and Beverage, and eLearning. 

Jason Dela Rosa actively engages in venture capital, incubation, and acceleration, nurturing startups from their inception to thriving businesses.

Jason founded Ark of Dreams, a unique and decentralized open-world X2Earn(TM) game. 

This gaming experience links the virtual Metaverse to the real world through blockchain technology and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

Ark of Dreams merges the gaming metaverse with reality and incorporates online shopping, NFTs, social events, virtual world exploration, and activities tied to well-loved brands and icons.

Jason is the Co-Founder of KITA PH, a social eCommerce platform where people can earn through online wholesale selling without the capital needed, with the lowest fresh produce and essentials.

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In collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs, Jason co-founded KITA PH, a social eCommerce platform focused on empowering individuals to earn through online wholesale selling without the need for capital. 

KITA PH has pioneered a unique approach, offering the lowest prices and freshest produce through a group buying and affiliate system.

This venture not only supports local farmers but also addresses the needs of consumers in major cities.

In 2022, Jason spearheaded the launch of KITA PH, a social eCommerce platform redefining the supply chain for fresh produce. 

This platform, driven by a group buying and affiliate system, offers savings and earnings for buyers and sellers and supports local farmers by streamlining the supply chain and ensuring fair profits.

Bounce Back Philippines

Recognizing the challenges small businesses face, particularly after the COVID-19 crisis, Jason Dela Rosa founded Bounce Back Philippines

Bounce Back PH and Bounce Back Network aims to help small businesses and subject matter experts (SMEs) endure, recover, and thrive from the pandemic. 

Through education and innovative programs, Bounce Back Philippines provides essential support, including capacity building, training, sales assistance, and business support.

Authorship and Leadership

In 2019, Jason published “The Practical Entrepreneur,” a foundational guide for startups and business owners. 

Building on its success, he released two more books in 2020: “The Entrepreneur in Crisis” and the “Weekly Success Journal.” The Practical Entrepreneur (Revised Edition) in 2022 remains a best-seller, offering indispensable insights for entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of business ownership.

Jason Dela Rosa continues to shape the future of business, emphasizing resilience, innovation, and practical strategies for success. 

Connect with Jason on LinkedIn to explore his professional journey and contributions to the entrepreneurial community.

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