Ken Masuda: BlockChainHub Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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Ken Masuda

Ken Masuda’s Profile Bio

Ken Masuda is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of BlockchainHub Inc. He is from Tokyo, Japan. BlockchainHub Inc., a prominent player in the information technology sector, is actively exploring the business applications of blockchain technology.

Ken Masuda is managing cross-border relations and partnerships at BlockchainHub Inc. The Japanese national has focused on startup business models and is an expert in TradFi with an Equity background.

A wealth of experience, a global perspective, and a commitment to innovation have marked Ken’s journey. 

Educational Background

Ken Masuda holds an MBA from Keio University, showing his commitment to continuous learning and academic excellence. 

Ken also spent time as an exchange student at ESSEC Business School in France.

Image source: Ken Masuda, CMO of BlockchainHub Inc.

Professional Journey:

Ken Masuda’s professional journey began when he worked at brokerage firms and a global E-commerce company, providing investment expertise in Japanese equities as a sales trader. 

Ken’s expertise in traditional finance (TradFi) and equity background laid a solid foundation for his roles in the fintech and blockchain space.

His professional journey also includes important positions at well-known financial institutions throughout his career.

Ken has worked as a Japanese equity sales trader to foreign and domestic institutional investors at Daiwa Securities SMBC, Barclays Securities, and JP Morgan Securities. 

Ken Masuda also acted as a finance analyst in launching a new project at one of the largest e-commerce corporations. 

This experience marked Ken’s foray into the intersection of finance and technology, setting the stage for his subsequent roles in the fintech and blockchain domains.

Ken Masuda is a BizDev/CFO at various fintech and blockchain companies. He has lived in multiple Southeast Asia, European, and American countries. 

Ken manages cross-border relations and partnerships at BlockchainHub Inc., whose mission is to provide “Hub” to our community to create new business opportunities.

He also worked on LOCKON Finance as a CBO and Senior Business Development Manager for one year and two months.

Ken was a former Vice President at .P. Morgan, a leader in financial services, offering solutions to clients in more than 100 countries with one of the most comprehensive global product platforms available.  He was a Former Assistant Vice President at Barclays, a British universal bank. 

Ken also served as an Equity Trader at Daiwa Securities, a New York-based registered securities broker-dealer, a futures commission merchant, and a primary dealer of U.S. 

BlockchainHub Inc.

BlockchainHub is a company that advocates blockchains, smart contracts, tokens, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and Web3 through various activities.  Since April 2021, Ken is the Chief Marketing Officer at BlockchainHub Inc. 

This forward-looking company is involved in various projects utilizing blockchain technology on a global scale. 

Ken is essential in managing cross-border relations and partnerships, aligning with the company’s mission to serve as a “Hub” for the community and unlock new business opportunities.

Global Startup Hub Inc.

Ken is the CEO of Global Startup Hub Inc., a comprehensive gateway to Japan for global innovative tech companies. 

The company’s mission is to assist global innovative tech companies in building beachheads in the Japanese market and exploring collaboration with local entities.

Ken Masuda as Thought Leader

Ken Masuda is also a thought leader in the fintech and blockchain space.  His insights were presented during a Fin & Tech Talk hosted by the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance.

Ken emphasized security tokens as the “next killer app in the field” during this virtual event, emphasizing the significance of blockchain adoption in Japan.

His vision seeks to create a broader ecosystem that accelerates innovation, with security tokens acting as an intermediate model between traditional IPOs and ICOs.

Ken Masuda’s journey from traditional finance to the forefront of blockchain technology reflects a commitment to innovation and the financial ecosystem. 

Ken continues to shape the future of finance, connecting communities, fostering partnerships, and paving the way for new business opportunities in technology and finance.

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