PwedeKo Business Directory Launched to Provide Online Presence for MSMEs

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PwedeKo to Provide Online Presence for Small Businesses in the Philippines

A team of developers, content creators, and seasoned business owners from Davao City, Philippines, launched PwedeKo, the first and only online local business directory that caters to providing online presence for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country. 

According to the team behind the launch of the local business directory, they aim to solve the problems of business owners who find it difficult to market their businesses online and are competing against the big players in the industry because of their limited marketing budget. 

PwedeKo Online Business Directory for Small Businesses (Image source: is dedicated to assisting small business owners in the Philippines to market their businesses, build an online presence, and increase brand awareness. The team behind the business directory sees an opportunity to help their fellow developers, content creators, and business owners market local Filipino brands to land clients by using their platform. 

How PwedeKo Started?

The Online Business Directory started when a seasoned developer realized the limited choice of directories for Filipino business owners to showcase their businesses online. The developer tried to join some existing business directories in the Philippines, but due to the site’s unpleasant user experience, the developer built PwedeKo as an alternative. 

PwedeKo is a passion project for the seasoned developer, who presented the ideas to content creators and small business owners, leading to the birth of the PwedeKo Core Team. Although the project is not yet perfect in production, the site is already live and gaining some momentum on social media. 

The idea of building a Philippine-based business directory also stems from the 1995 prediction of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who stated, “If your business is not online, you will be out of business.” This is one of the guiding lights for the team to provide reliable service to all small business owners in the Philippines. 

Vision for the Future

According to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), in the 2022 List of Establishments in the Philippines, 1,109,684 business enterprises were operating there. Of these, 1,105,143 (99.59%) are MSMEs, and 4,541 (0.41%) are large enterprises. Micro enterprises constitute 90.49% (1,004,195) of total establishments, followed by small enterprises at 8.69% (96,464) and medium enterprises at 0.40% (4,484).

PwedeKo envisions listing at least 1 million small businesses in the Philippines before 2030. This is a bold move for the team behind PwedeKo. Still, they promised to combine their resources as developers, content creators, and small business owners to convince all the small businesses in the country to participate in promoting small businesses and improving their online presence and brand awareness. 

What Will You Get When You Register for PwedeKo Listing?

First and foremost, you will be listed in the online business directory, free from annoying advertisements commonly visible on other platforms. One of the best parts of being listed in the directory is your chance of getting your own website through You don’t need to pay an expensive fee to publish and maintain your own business website. 

As pioneer small business owners listed in one of the fastest-growing premium online directory services, you will receive a free two-month subscription. You will be featured on one of our partner news websites, where you can get a free mention in their article related to the business directory. 

Business owners will have a chance to be featured on all of PwedeKo’s social media platforms. Your business will be visible not only with, but we will also help your business be recognized in search engines like Google through our partnership with seasoned content creators who are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts. 

PwedeKo is a registered online business based in Matina, Davao City, with an expansion team having an office in Cebu City, Philippines. Follow their social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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