“If he (Kyrie Irving) hasn’t signed it by October, the team will likely be forced to trade him before the Oct. 31 deadline for third-year players to extend their contracts,” ESPN.com’s Brian Windhorst writes

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Kyrie Irving won this year’s All-Star MVP which propelled him to greater heights and proved to the league that he certainly deserved to be named as the best point guard in the world along with proven stars Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams and to name a few.

Two-time All-Star Kyrie Irving might be singing Cleveland’s praises whenever a microphone is within earshot, but his entourage is reportedly carrying a much different tune.

Reports have it that Irving is not happy with the Cavs because they didn’t make it to the Payoffs since the departure of LeBron James to Miami.

Although the Cleveland Cavaliers control his rights through the summer of 2016, the 21-year-old could get up close and personal with his future this offseason. If he wants to stick around for a long time, he’ll have that option.

“The Cleveland Cavaliers will offer Irving a maximum contract extension once they’re allowed to on July 1,” ESPN.com’s Brian Windhorst reports.

That shouldn’t be surprising to Irving, the closest thing to a superstar this franchise has seen since LeBron James uprooted his talents in 2010.

What’s still a bit mysterious, though, is what Irving will decide to do once that offer arrives. Should he decline, he might effectively be punching his own ticket out of town.

“If he hasn’t signed it by October, the team will likely be forced to trade him before the Oct. 31 deadline for third-year players to extend their contracts,” Windhorst writes.

That’s apparently something the point guard might be open to. Despite public assurances of his satisfaction with his current situation, there may be something brewing behind the scenes.

“It’s no secret that Irving’s camp has been making it known for years now the point guard would like to be elsewhere long term,” Windhorst writes. “No matter how much he denies it.”

Sources of Irving suppose departure

Without knowing who’s saying he wants out, it’s hard to put a lot of stock into the words.

Then again, we don’t have much of a choice based on how little Irving himself has given us.

He’s been pretty noncommittal about his plans, although never so ambiguous as to unnecessarily rile up the Cavs fans.

“I enjoy going out and competing at the highest level for the Cleveland Cavaliers,” Irving said in late January, via Windhorst. “I’m still in my rookie contract and I’m happy to be here. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to be here for a long time.”

That’s as definitive as fans can hope to hear at this point. He’s leading a team desperately searching for a way into the playoff race, so as much as we’d like to think otherwise, there’s a good chance he hasn’t even started weighing his odds with regard to his future yet.

Irving might not be a Cavs lifer, but he might not be on the cusp of a swift exit either.

“It’s almost unheard of for a star coming off of a rookie deal to not re-up for at least a three-year extension and they never take the one-year qualifying offer to become an unrestricted free agent the next summer,” CBS Sports’ Zach Harper noted.

Offseason Plans

There’s too much at stake for Irving not to accept something this offseason.

While playing through his qualifying offer would give him complete control of his destination, he’d also face the risk of suffering a major injury while on that deal and costing himself the chance at a jackpot payday.

With his star shining bright and the pain from James’ exit still looming over this city, Irving has tremendous leverage.

Hopefully that helps you rest a little easier, Cavs fans. That’s as good as it’s going to get until he puts his name on some dotted line.

Irving Career

“Uncle Drew” attended Duke University and after a season, Irving announced that he would forgo his final three seasons of eligibility and enter the 2011 NBA Draft.

He was eventually selected with the number 1 pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He signed an agent in early May 2011. Irving signed a contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers alongside rookie teammate Tristan Thompson on December 10, 2011.

He won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2012. 

Irving was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up in West Orange, New Jersey and which means he also can play for the Australian National Team.


It’s too early to predict on what Irving’s decision would be but it is certain that Irving will lead the Cavs this season back to the Playoffs.

The Cavs are currently 10th in the East with a 22-36 record and far behind the no. 8th spot Atlanta Hawks, who had a 26-30 record.

— with reports from BleacherReport.com

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