Lawyer Slams Maria Ressa for Accusing the Gov’t of Weaponizing Law Against Critics

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Rappler’s Maria Ressa blamed her cyber libel conviction file against her by a private individual and accused the government of weaponization of the law to stifle critis which resulted according to Ressa’s claimed that the Philippine government’s democracy is shrinking and leads to an authoritarian rule. 

Maria Ressa took to Twitter and posted the following message “Good morning fr Manila! “The weaponization of Law to curb opposing views results in the shrinking of democratic space & leads to an authoritarian rule which allows governments to abuse power with impunity, and undermines the rule of law, transparency and accountability.”

Due tot he statement released by Rappler’s Maria Ressa on social media, Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan of the popular blog Luminous can’t help but react in a mocking way to Rappler’s Maria Ressa who seems to be acting naive to say that the government is weaponizing the law hen in reality the law is indeed a weapon of government used against those who would harm others or cause damage. 

According to Atty. Paglinawan the problem with Maria Ressa is that when it hits suddenly, she cries like a victim instead of criminal based on the results of the judgement made by a Philippine court against the journalist. 

Read the Complete Statement of Atty. Ahmed:

Saan ba siya galing? 

Of course the law is a weapon. It’s used against those who would harm others or cause damage. Its purpose is social order. 

Problema neto pag sya ang tinamaan, suddenly victim sya imbes na kriminal. 


Source: Luminous FB Page

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