Jordan Clarkson’s Gilas Pilipinas Journey from NBA to FIBA World Cup 2023

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Jordan Clarkson's GIlas

Jordan Clarkson’s Gilas Pilipinas Stint for FIBA World Cup

The National Basketball Association’s Kia Sixth Man of the Year in the NBA’s 2020-2021 Season will play for the Gilas Pilipinas squad in the highly anticipated FIBA World Cup 2023 hosted by the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia.

The FIBA World Cup 2023 will feature 32 teams from different parts of the world and is slated to take place from August 25 to September 10, 2023.

As an official co-host of the world’s biggest and most prestigious basketball event, the Philippines qualified for the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup, and the country will be bannered by Utah Jazz star and Filipino-American Jordan Clarkson.

Jordan Clarkson’s commitment to play for Gilas Pilipinas as a naturalized player was confirmed to the media by Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) President Al Panlilio during the World Cup rally hosted by the Federation on Tuesday.

Image Source: Jordan Clarkson Commits to Play for Gilas in FIBA World Cup 2023

There were some reports and speculations that Jordan Clarkson would not be able to join the Gilas Pilipinas squad after the Philippine National Men’s Basketball Team head coach Chot Reyes put a deadline on the arrival of players.

Based on an earlier report by SPIN.Ph, Jordan Clarkson will be arriving in the Philippines on August 6, 2023, five days after Chot’s deadline, but a compromise was reached by the two camps paving the way for Clarkson to join Gilas Pilipinas.

Jordan Clarkson’s Gilas Pilipinas Connection:

Jordan Clarkson was born to a Filipino mother and an African-American father in Tampa, Florida, but his heart belongs to the Philippines.

His mother, Annette Tullao Davis, was born in Angeles City, Pampanga, one of the popular destinations in Northern Luzon for American servicemen during the early 1900s until its closure in 1991.

Clarkson’s grandmother Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver was from Bacolor, Pampanga. His parents served in the United States Air Force and divorced when Jordan was still young, and at six years old, he moved to San Antonio, Texas, USA.

The 31-year-old Jordan Clarkson was born on June 7, 1992, and stands 6 feet and 5 inches or 1.95 meters tall. He studied at Karen Wagner High School in San Antonio, Texas, went to college at the University of Tulsa, and later transferred to Missouri.

Jordan Clarkson proudly embraces his Filipino heritage, cherishes his cultural background, expresses his affection for the Philippines, and even showcases his burning desire to represent Gilas Pilipinas on the world stage.

Last August 25, 2022, Jordan Clarkson made his FIBA debut and scored 27 points in a losing effort against Lebanon in the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers.

Jordan Clarkson’s Personal Life and Relationships:

Jordan Clarkson’s girlfriend is Maggie Lindemann, a singer who has been active in the music industry and a celebrity on her own rights with more than 6.4 million followers on Instagram.

Image Source: Jordan Clarkson’s Girlfriend Maggie Lindemann

The Utah Jazz star was in previous relationships with Jasmine Rae in 2020-2021, Ally Rossel in 2019, Karizma Ramirez in 2018-2019, Hailey Bieber in 2017, Ashlee Roberson in 2016-2017, Kendall Jenner in 2016-2017, Chantel Jeffries in 2016 and Chanel Iman in 2015.

There were reports also that Jordan Clarkson had an encounter with Bre Tiesi in 2019 and was rumored to have hooked up with Bella Hadid in 2018.

Jordan Clarkson has kept his personal life and family in the shade and limelight of the mainstream media. Still, he has a baby daughter with his former girlfriend, Ashlee Nicole Roberson.

The Fil-Am NBA star’s daughter was named Callie Clarkson, also known as Cali, who was born on April 19, 2018, in San Antonio, Texas, and is now five years old. Callie’s mother, Ashlee Roberson, was born on March 13, 1988, in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Image Source: Jordan Clarkson’s Daughter Callie Showing Support for Gilas Pilipinas

Jordan Clarkson’s Stellar NBA Career:

Before donning the national jersey of the Philippine Men’s Basketball Team, Jordan Clarkson graced the grandeur of the National Basketball Association (NBA) when he was drafted by the Washington Wizards in 2014. However, he was traded a few moments later.

Jordan Clarkson, one of the few Filipino-American basketball talents who made it to the NBA, was subsequently traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, playing alongside legendary basketball star Kobe Bryant during the Black Mamba’s final year in the NBA.

The Filipino-American basketball star quickly became a fan-favorite of the LA Lakers but was later traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, playing alongside another basketball icon and league MVP LeBron James. Playing alongside Kobe Bryant and LeBron James is considered one of the most noteworthy parts of the NBA star’s life.

Image Source: Jordan Clarkson with Kobe Bryant & LeBron James

Jordan Clarkson’s stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers only lasted for a year as he was traded to the Utah Jazz, and with his newfound team and ally, he was able to capture one of the most prestigious awards in the NBA, the Sixth Man of the Year Award in the 2020-2021 season.

Just this July 2023, the Utah Jazz and Jordan Clarkson agreed to a contract extension to a new three-year $55 million contract or approximately around 2.8 Billion in Philippine pesos.

Jordan Clarkson had a career year in the NBA last season, averaging 20.8 points and 4.4 assists per game while playing a career-high 32.6 minutes per game in 61 appearances as a starter, taking the reins of former Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell.

Jordan Clarkson’s Gilas Pilipinas Decision to Play:

Jordan Clarkson’s decision to represent the Philippines through Gilas Pilipinas on the world stage of basketball was more than just a career move. It was his heartfelt calling.

The Filipino-American basketball star wholeheartedly accepted the invitation to play for Gilas Pilipinas and even made it clear that this was not about personal accolades but about honoring his Filipino roots.

Jordan Clarkson became an ambassador for the Philippines as a basketball icon, uniting his dual heritage and fostering cultural exchange through a shared love for basketball, also considered the Filipinos’ most popular sport.

Image Source: Jordan Clarkson for Gilas Pilipinas FIBA 2023 Squad

Hope for Gilas Pilipinas and Inspiration for the Filipino Youth:

Jordan Clarkson’s presence on the court donning the national colors of the Philippines is perceived as a potential game-changer experience for the basketball-crazy Philippines.

The invaluable NBA experience of Clarkson, combined with his unwavering commitment to represent the Philippines, has breathed new life into the team, which is ranked lower compared to other countries participating in the biggest basketball competition in the world, the FIBA World Cup 2023.

Before the competition, Jordan Clarkson was immersed in rigorous training sessions, which he could impart to his fellow Gilas teammates, which could be an unstoppable force to reckon with, capable of challenging the basketball powerhouses from different parts of the world.

Jordan Clarkson’s presence with the Gilas Pilipinas is genuinely inspiring; beyond his remarkable on-court abilities, his journey with Gilas will serve as a wellspring of inspiration for the Filipino youth.

The captivating story of Clarkson ignites hope in the hearts of aspiring athletes, proving that with dedication and perseverance, greatness is within their grasp.


With unwavering national support, Jordan Clarkson ventures on this historic journey with Gilas Pilipinas to the FIBA World Cup 2023. His decision to embrace his mother’s homeland with open arms reflects his deep affection for the Philippines and its people.

Far beyond the bounds of basketball, his story exemplifies the beauty of cultural diversity and the boundless potential for triumph within each individual.

As the FIBA World Cup 2023 unfolds in the Philippines, the nation waits with bated breath, eager to witness the convergence of talent, passion, and national pride as Jordan Clarkson leads the charge for Gilas Pilipinas on the grand global stage.

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