Validus Combo Deal: A Warning Against Ponzi Schemes

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The Validus Combo Deal: A Warning Against Ponzi Schemes, Profiteering, and Bullying Techniques

Validus, a Dubai-based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company with a perplexing company structure, allegedly filled with a history of deception. But despite their recent financial turmoil and failure to fulfill their commitments to early members who tirelessly promoted their supposed significant growth, the company is still operating.

In just over two years, they claimed to have amassed 500,000 members and collected a staggering US$300 million in subscriber fees. However, they have resorted to the same marketing tactics, using the same leaders to actively promote their dubious scheme in the hope of recovering from an initial failed attempt.

The question arises: How can Validus expect to recover when they have halted the ability of initial members to cash out while simultaneously continuing to make the same promises of incentives?

What makes this situation even more absurd is Validus’ marketing approach. They expect unpaid members to wait until January 2024 for their promised payments while denying early members the ability to withdraw and cash out their incentive values.

Image Source: Leaders of the Alleged MLM Scam

In a twisted logic, they continue to pay new members their normal commissions. This program is not only ridiculous but also insulting. It is disheartening to see committed leaders actively promoting this income-generating concept, seemingly driven by heartless profiteering.

Despite the glaring red flags raised by Australian ASIC, the recent permanent stop order from FMA New Zealand, and the widespread coverage by reputable online media outlets, Validus shamelessly persists in promoting their business in Australia.

It is disheartening that ASIC has not taken more drastic measures to protect its citizens, unlike the decisive action taken by FMA New Zealand. Furthermore, it is deeply troubling that this MLM company proudly asserts its Dubai-based status.

Being a Dubai-based company raises serious concerns about the business practices permitted in the UAE, where scam companies like Validus, condemned in other countries for their shameless business model, can freely operate and even register their operations within Dubai.

Such a situation calls into question the integrity of the UAE’s regulatory framework and its commitment to protecting individuals from fraudulent schemes. It is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant and exercise caution when dealing with companies like Validus.

Given the alleged colorful scam history of the people behind Validus, including Mansour Tawafi, Dr. Pawiz Daud, and Howard Friend, who are allegedly known serial scammers, it is no surprise that they have found fast-learning students to carry out their criminal activities in Australia.

Individuals such as Fadi Baba, Timoti, Shiraz, and other active key leaders preying on vulnerable people may follow in their leaders’ footsteps as alleged future scammers. This revelation further highlights the deceptive nature of Validus and the extent to which they will go to deceive innocent individuals.

It is absolutely crucial to be aware of these names and exercise extreme caution to protect yourself from becoming a victim of their scams. Stay vigilant and stay informed.

Watch an Expose About the Alleged MLM Scam:

Image Source: Dubai-Based MLM Exposed

Aside from the expose posted on YouTube by concerned netizens like YouTube user Kira, numerous international media organizations, the Australian government, and other prominent publications issued some warnings against the activities of this MLM firm.

Here’s Some of the Online Publications Exposing the MLM:

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