Connect Web3 CEO Ken Berey to Speak at Web3 Carnival India

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Web3 Carnival

Ken Berey the Only Filipino Speaker at Web3 Carnival India

Kenneth James Berey or Ken Berey, the CEO of Connect Web3 (formerly known as Blockchain Network Philippines), will visit the sub-continent of India for a significant speaking engagement as he was invited to speak in the highly anticipated Web3 Carnival India.

The Web3 Carnival is a week-long extravaganza in the heart of India’s Tech Marvel from December 4 to 10, 2023. It will be held at Palm Meadows Resort, Bengaluru, India.

Web3 entrepreneur, marketing adviser, and consultant Ken Berey will be the only Filipino speaker in the list of elite speakers from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States.

According to Ken Berey, in an exclusive interview with PhilNews. XYZ, the invitation to speak at such a huge event in India will give him a chance to share his insights about the growth of Web3 not only in the Philippines but worldwide.

Image source: Ken Berey the speaker

Ken Berey is a well-known personality in the Web3 space, not just in the Philippines but in Asia. He was responsible for massively adopting recognized projects such as IRISnet, Cosmos ecosystem, and other giant Web3 projects.

In the Web3 Carnival, there will be seven conferences to experience the future of Web3, as experts will guide them in delving into Web3 innovations. The conferences will explore every facet of Web3 innovation as attendees will learn more about Blockchain, Crypto, DAOs, Metaverse, DeFi, Staking, ZK, GameFi, NFT, and more.

Attendees can discover the latest blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance trends. They can connect with top investors and startups in the space.

Web3 Carnival will also feature captivating side events such as the Awards Night, Web3 Prop Party, NFT Art Culture exhibition, Gala Dinner feasts, and many more activities during the week-long Web3 extravaganza.

Reasons Why Web3 Carnival Chose India

The organizers chose India for this year’s week-long event because it fosters global collaborations, celebrates diversity, and empowers an innovation ecosystem.

India boasts more than 450 active Web3 startups, 250 plus incubators, 5.2 million developers, 718 accelerators, 99,000 plus potential Web3 startups, and an estimated $3.7 Billion worth of investments available in India.

India was chosen to host the Web3 Carnival because India influenced the digital revolution and the Next Wave of transformation. India is also a Web3 powerhouse, and there’s a remarkable growth of women in tech in one of the world’s fastest-growing nations.

What is Web3 Carnival?

The organizers of Web3 Carnival claim that they’re in the heart of the metaverse, not just participants, but they’re validators and builders. Web3 Carnival was not just watching the digital revolution but minting it, block by block.

The Web3 event envisions a dynamic blend of Innovation and Empowerment, knitting together a vibrant and inclusive Web3 community.

Web3 Carnival’s mission is to pioneer the future of the Web3 landscape by uniting industry leaders and pushing the limits of the Web3 arena, fostering inclusivity and accessibility for young enthusiasts and elevating the ecosystem to new heights.

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